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Carla Mitchell is a fictional character and major antagonist of the British soap opera EastEnders. She appeared as a supporting antagonist in 2006.


Carla Mitchell first came to Albert Square at Walford, a fictional borough in East London, from May 2006. It had transpired that she had married local hardman, Grant Mitchell, at somepoint in 2005 when they had a relationship and ended up having a wedding in Brazil.

Soon enough, however, their marriage was on the verge of collapse after Grant had to leave Brazil to help his brother Phil get exonerated from prison; the two brothers later teamed up with their mother Peggy and ex-lover, Sharon Watts, to exonerate Peggy's daughter Sam after she had been framed by her nemesis and Sharon's stepmother Chrissie Watts for the murder of Sharon's adopted father Den Watts - who had actually been killed by Chrissie. While their efforts were successful in the end, Grant had later been roped by Phil into confronting their gangland enemy Johnny Allen in order to avenge the murder of Sharon's adopted brother-turned-husband Dennis Rickman after the latter had been killed by Johnny's henchmen Danny Moon. The brothers were nearly killed until Danny ended up getting murdered by his brother Jake Moon, whilst Johnny is forced by his daughter Ruby Allen to give himself up to the police for killing the sqaure's crime boss Andy Hunter on the night Den died and ordering Dennis' murder; Johnny does so and is sentenced to life imprisonment, which he only served for months until he ended up dying of a fatal heart attack caused by Ruby's boyfriend Sean Slater.

As Grant begins to resettle himself in the square with his daughter Courtney, he confines to his family about the impact of his marriage with Carla. By the time she has arrived, Carla seeks to reconcile with Grant. He initially refuses until she manages to seduce him into giving their relationship another chance. However, Courtney takes an immeidate disliking towards Carla and suspects that she is a golddigger. Carla, in turn, begins to turn Grant against his daughter and also finds out that he recently had an affair with cafe worker Jane Collins when she is due to marry Phil's stepson Ian Beale. At the same time, Carla is able to bond with Phil and Peggy along with the rest of the family - including Phil's son Ben Mitchell along with the brothers' cousin Billy Mitchell.

In June 2006, it turns out that Carla is plotting with her former boyfriend Ray to steal money from Grant. Their plan comes to fruiton when Carla claims that her son, Mathias, is in desperate need of money and Grant offers to help her out. However, she soon plans on double-crossing Ray and taking all the money for himself whilst also planning to break-up with Grant. However, her plan is exposed when Grant and Phil confront Ray and force him to leave the square. Grant then tricks Carla into believing that her plan worked and gives her a suitcase that seemingly contains all the money. Carla is about to make her getaway when she stops to check her suitcase, and ends up finding her clothes instead of the money.

Realizing that Grant has deduced her plan all along, Carla rushes back in an attempt to seduce him again. But Grant picks up Carla, dumps her in the trash, and breaks up with her in public whilst also repriminding her for decieving him and trying to turn him against Courtney. After making it clear that they are finished for good, Grant leaves Carla to be humiliated on the square before departing with Courtney. Moments later, Peggy slaps Carla for her actions against Grant and forces her to leave. Carla then departs the square in disgrace and is never seen or heard off again.


  • She made a total of 9 appearences during her time on the show.