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Carla Rosón is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Teo Rosón) through the first half of the Netflix thriller teen drama series Elite, serving as one of the two main antagonists (alongside Teo Rosón) of the first two seasons and a major anti-hero turned supporting protagonist of the third season. She also appears as one of the two main protagonists (alongside Samuel García) of Elite Short Stories: Carla Samuel.

Carla is beautiful, cold and manipulative. She is the daughter of a Marchioness and is extremely wealthy. She uses her sexuality to get what she wants. A softer side of her is shown as she cares about the people she loves and will go to extreme lengths to cover up their faults and supports them. After Marina is murdered by Polo, Carla helps him cover the crime up so that he won't go to jail and prevent the jeopardizing of her family's future, although her plans take a drastic turn when she starts falling in love with Samuel.

She is portrayed by Ester Expósito.


Carla uses her intelligence and beauty to her advantage. She can be very manipulative and uses her body to get what she wants. She is seen as a cold-hearted, prideful and selfish character, who is willing to do anything to put the odds in her favor.


Season 1

Being an indecisive teenager and open to many things, Carla and Polo grow bored with their lives and their futures that they believed already had everything resolved, so they decide to add some spice to their romantic life by including Christian. At Marina's party, Carla seduces and has sex with Christian, while Polo watches them, without Christian knowing. Finally, when Christian finds out, he feels uncomfortable with the idea, but then he comes back and has a threesome with Carla and Polo. Carla takes Polo and Christian to a fundraiser for her mother, and she responds to her mother's disapproval by kissing them both and giving her the middle finger before leaving with her boyfriends.

When Polo begins to sabotage Christian's opportunity to become a model, Carla accuses Polo of being jealous, but not specific of who he is jealous of. After learning about the relationship between Polo and Christian, Carla confronts Polo, and he confesses her bisexuality, but nevertheless arguing that he loves her. Devastated, Carla breaks up with him.

After Marina tells the class that she has HIV, Carla, taking pity on her friend, invites her over at her place. Marina takes advantage of this and sees the collection of expensive watches, telling Nano about it that he can steal them and settle unaffordable debts to some thugs who "protected" him in jail. Carla and Polo initially suspect Christian of having stolen the watches and turn to him, Polo saying that if Christian has them, he only should return them and forget this ever happened. Christian reacts angry at this and denies having stolen anything.

Carla talks to Lucrecia, and the latter makes her reconsider that Marina is involved in the theft. She later confronts Marina although she denies everything she says. Carla warns her that her father is not going to pay anything and that she should not turn on her own family.

Carla begins to approach Christian, only to obtain information that may be helpful to her with the whereabouts of her father's watch. Carla was with Christian and his friends in the square, Samuel warns Christian that Carla is dangerous and that she only approached him to look for something (otherwise she wouldn't be asking so many questions), to which Christian ignores him since he blindly believes that Carla is in love with him. She witnesses when Guzmán along with Polo and Ander hit Nano. Polo directly attacks Christian for supposedly stealing Carla from him and she sticks up for Christian.

During the end of year school dance, Carla finds out about Marina's escape plan and realizes immediately that she must have the watch with her. She and Polo ask Christian to open Marina's locker and thus take the watch and avoid blackmail, but Christian sees through the ruse and refuses to help them out.

Carla manipulates Christian and they both have sex in the restroom, only to persuade him to look for the clock. However, Polo confronted Marina on his own, demanding the watch back and when she refused and started provoking Polo, he hit her with the trophy and left her bleeding out, fleeing from the scene with the watch. When he turns to Carla and Christian, he gives her the watch and tells them what happened. From this moment on, Carla goes from being the innocent, flirtatious and indecisive fun girl, to the cold, calculating, mysterious and manipulative girl, getting rid of the bloody shirt and asks Christian to lend a spare shirt for Polo. Carla threatens Polo into giving an alibi to the inspector and forces him to hide the trophy in the lake, before witnessing Nano being arrested for Marina's murder, particularly after Samuel saw him fleeing the crime scene.

She is later present at Marina's funeral, seemingly showing no remorse for her former friend's death. Despite having the watch, Carla makes it clear to Polo that it doesn't change anything between them and still remain broken up. Carla then texts Christian so he can hang out with her and Polo, ignoring Samuel's pleads to clear Nano's name.

Season 2

Noticing Christian's tense behaviour over the past summer he has spent with her and Polo, Carla starts growing worried that Christian might say something about the real facts regarding Marina's murder, yet Polo seems to have successfully moved on from the trauma and tells her not to worry about that. At a nightclub, Carla warns Christian to think twice about what he's going to do next, reminding him about the great future he has ahead of him and that if he confesses the truth it would make him an accomplice in Marina's murder, though Christian ignores her and leaves to confess everything to the police. Carla texts her father, who tells her to just enjoy the night. Suddenly, a car deliberately runs Christian over, causing Christian to fly out of his motorcycle, getting knocked unconscious and seriously injured as the car speeds off. Carla finds out about this and immediately suspects her father. True enough, Carla's father bribes Christian into staying quiet and ships him off to Switzerland to receive further treatment there.

From this moment on, Samuel starts investigating Carla who seduces him into believing she knows nothing about Marina's murder, although their sexual relationship goes on, unexpectedly leading them to actually fall in love with each other. When Nano attacks Carla for messing with Samuel and believing she killed Marina, Samuel comes to her defense and beats his brother up, thus saving her life. Out of gratitude for this, Carla does not denounce him to the police. Still, Carla refuses to confess her role in Marina's murder.

Samuel eventually finds out it was Polo and confronts Carla for this, but she taunts him confidently, asking why is he playing this little game of his when he only ends up losing. Carla also warns Samuel that he will end up like Christian if he continues the investigation, while he secretly records this in his cellphone and plays it to the police, to no avail as it proves to be fruitless. Carla's father tips her off about the audio, and in response Carla slaps Samuel for breaking the trust between them. By the time Samuel has left a fundraising party, Polo has told Carla's father about Samuel's accusations. When Samuel fails to answers any of her texts or return her calls, while speeding away from some men chasing him (probably sent by Carla's father to get him out the picture), Carla starts fearing for his life. Completely repented and believing he would suffer Christian's fate, Carla is finally ready to sacrifice her wealthiness and loyalty to her family by confessing that Polo was Marina's actual killer and that she and Christian helped cover it up, leading to Polo's arrest and Nano's release. However, it turns out that Samuel, with Guzmán's help, had faked his own death to trap Carla into confessing. Thus, Carla confronts Samuel for having tricked her, to which Samuel responds he lost her but Carla refutes that he never actually had her. As she leaves, we see her eyes welled up with tears, implying that she actually did care about him. Nevertheless, Carla's confession would prove to be weak as Polo, with the Inspector demanding a confession out of him, falsely denies everything and citing Carla as a "jealous ex" who only wanted to get back at him, leading Polo to be released from custody and return to the school on lack of evidence, especially after Cayetana found out about Polo's actions (prior to his arrest), retrieving the trophy from the lake and hiding it in her house.

Season 3

After Polo is immediately sent home while released on bail and still under investigation, Carla is more than willing to confess the truth when the two are cited to the court to compare their versions, despite Polo's objections. However, Teo blackmails Carla into retracting her confession, fearing that the police might keep looking into his wineries's dirty dealings, which would lead to the arrest of her mother, whose signature is on the documents that implicate her, leaving them with nothing but their names. When Polo seems to be on the verge of confessing, Carla abruptly interrupts and, following her father's orders, announces that she had made up the allegations to get back at both her father and Polo, leaving him free of all charges and the culpability shifting back to Nano. Because of this, Polo returns to the school like if nothing happened. Samuel crosses paths with Carla, who angrily snaps at him, citing that telling the truth would only ruin her family and their wealth, and that she would have nothing left, with Samuel trying to prove her wrong because even if she has nothing, she'll have him at least and that he loves her. Carla slaps him in response, refusing to believe this, because he only loves her as long as she does as he says and when Carla is of no more use to Samuel he would ditch her. “No, it’ll prove you’re the person I fell in love with,” he insists.

To make matters worse, Carla is forced, under threat by her father, to distance herself from Samuel playing along with still being cold towards him, but meaning well as she is concerned for his safety and still harbors feelings for him. In the meantime, Carla starts dating Yeray, a student of Las Encinas whom she defended years ago on social media because of his overweight, although she isn't really interested in him, but keeps on the facade, mostly reluctantly at her father's insistence because Yeray has money and he is their only hope to keep the wineries afloat, thus making her attend parties and wearing dresses she doesn't even like. When Carla's phone rings, it is Yeray, but Carla won't answer the call. Carla then reveals to her mother Teo's plan of exploiting her at will, but as Carla's mother responds with silence, she deduces that she had known about the plan and agreed on it, thus causing Carla to angrily storm out, ashamed at her parents's actions. As a result, Carla resorts to alcohol and drugs, through Valerio, as a way to cope with and escape the stresses of being in an arranged relationship, which disgusts Yeray and tells her not to ruin his party. Angry at Valerio, Samuel tells him to stay away from her and kicks him out of his house. Carla accepts some drugs from Rebeka, who is dealing to fend for herself and pay her school tuitions after her mother got arrested, although in Carla's case she did it out of jealousy for her closeness to Samuel. Because of Rebeka's whim, Carla collapses on the pool and Polo rescues her; thereupon Rebeka quickly regrets this, realizing how she nearly put Carla's life at risk.

During the day of the graduation, Carla apologises for her behaviour and tells Yeray to stop playing the victim, as he clearly was only interested in Carla’s image and wanted to make his virtual bullies jealous. He reluctantly accepts this as the truth, and the two fix their broken friendship. Later, they meet with Teo to sign the winery contract. Yeray announces that there has been a change and that Carla will be in charge of the wineries. Teo is confused and reluctant to sign the contract, however Yeray makes it clear that without Carla in charge, he will not fund the business. Teo remarks that Carla is too young and doesn't understand the business. However, Carla makes it clear that he will no longer make any decisions for her, as she wants to live her life, be whoever she wants and date whoever she wants, leaving the door open for a possible future with Samuel, whom Carla crosses paths with at the graduation party but before she can reconcile with him, they are interrupted by Polo's sudden arrival. Samuel is intent on killing him, but Carla, Guzmán and Rebeka all tell him to let it go. After Lu accidentally stabs Polo with a bottle neck and he falls off a balcony to his death, Carla is quick to take the lead in the situation, retrieving the bottle neck and hiding it inside her purse. Carla knows Lu never meant to kill Polo, who, despite the severity of his actions in Marinas's death, wasn't a murderer and neither is Lu; Polo wouldn't want Lu to be punished for a mistake she made. She partakes with Samuel and the others in disguising Polo's death as a suicide, absolving them from any culpability, while witnessing Lu's speech to the Inspector about the traumas of her friends, ultimately telling her "I have feelings, bitch", to which both Carla and Guzmán smile at approvingly. Carla then announces to Samuel that she is leaving to study abroad and that he is welcome to visit her as long as he brings macaroni and kisses him on the cheek, though not before attending Polo's funeral and also leaving Valerio in charge of her father's wineries in her absence.



  • Beatriz Caleruega - Mother
  • Teodoro "Teo" Rosón - Father


  • Lucrecia Montesinos - Best Friend
  • Guzmán Nunier - Friend
  • Polo Benavent † - Ex-Boyfriend
  • Ander Muñoz - Close Friend
  • Valerio Montesinos - Former Drug Dealer turned Business Associate
  • Yeray - Ex-Boyfriend and Business Associate
  • Samuel García - Ex-Boyfriend; Former Enemy
  • Nadia Shanaa


  • Marina Nunier † - Former Friend turned Enemy
  • Nano García - Attempted Killer
  • Rebeka Parrilla (formerly) - Former Love Rival
  • Christian Varela - Ex-Boyfriend turned Enemy
  • Cayetana Grajera


  • For the first and second seasons, Carla serves as the main antagonist as her boyfriend Polo is responsible for Marina's murder and she helps him cover up his crime. However, in the third season she is replaced by Begoña as the main antagonist since she had bigger plans than Carla. Coincidentally, Carla is directly at fault for Begoña taking the drastic measure at the school of having influence over the principal's decisions to keep everyone quiet by funding scholarships to study in New York. This was because Carla's father forced her to retract her incriminating confession so that they wouldn't lose their wealth, fearing that his business' dirty dealings were looked into by the police.
  • Although Carla isn't the one who murdered Marina, she is the reason why she is dead in the first place as she desperately wanted to retireve the red watch that implicated her and Marina's fathers's dirty dealings, so it wasn't in her plans that Marina had to be out of the picture, but Polo's impulsive actions are what drive her to become the mastermind of the scheme. Even so, Carla did not feel genuine sadness for her former friend's death, as if for her Marina never even existed at all and feeling that she deserved what happened to her.


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