I'll show you what it's like to be here in my school!
~ Carla threatening her rival Lola in competition for the school play

Carla Santini is the main antagonist of Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. She is the most popular student in school and the enemy of Mary "Lola" Stepp.

She was portrayed by the Award winning actress Megan Fox, who is also known for her portrayal as Jennifer Check in Jennifer's Body.


Lola was chosen over Carla to play Eliza in the school play called "Eliza Rocks", and Carla promises to make her life miserable. Lola also beats Carla on a dancing video game at an arcade, where Carla reveals that she has tickets to the farewell concert of Sidarthar, who recently decided to break up. At the party Carla sees Ella and Lola and looks upset. 

Back at school, Carla humiliates Lola by denying that she saw Lola or Ella at the party and calling Lola a liar. None of the other students believe Lola's story about being arrested with Stu and leaving her necklace at his house. At the play, Lola arrives backstage just in time to prevent Carla from taking over her part. The modernist interpretation of My Fair Lady (Eliza Rocks) ensues. After a great performance that brings a standing ovation, the cast goes to an after-party at Carla's house.

When Stu shows up to give Lola her necklace back Carla tries to save herself from humiliation by saying he is there to see her, but is proved wrong when Stu gives Lola her necklace in front of everyone. As Carla's lies become apparent, she backs away from the crowd on the verge of tears and falls into a fountain, greeted by everyone's laughter. In a conciliatory gesture, Lola helps her up, and Carla accepts defeat.


At least here, no one gets MUGGED in the Milky Way!
~ Carla mocking where Lola previously lived and rebuffs her attempts at being her friend.
It still amazes me that I get everything I want!
~ Carla bragging about stealing the role in the school's play away from Lola.
Maybe, if we're lucky, she'll fall!
~ Carla whispering to her friends about Lola going onstage to sing.
Well, look who's here. I'd stay and chat, but... I don't wanna stay and chat!
~ Carla when she bumps into Lola and Ella at the mall.
No, I didn't, liar! You know, that's what you are. You're a liar. And you're name's not even Lola...MARY!
~ Carla hypocritically lying to Lola and denying that she was ever seen by Lola and Ella at Stu's music party.
Oh No! She's crying!
~ Carla and her friends mocking Lola after making her cry.
Hey, everybody! Look who came to my party! It's Stu Wolf!
~ Carla lying to all the guests at her party claiming Stu Wolf came looking for her in an attempt to save herself from humilliation when he actually came looking for Lola.



  • Her astrological sign is Scorpio.


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