Carlo Grimaldi
We kill thinking it's best for us, do we not, Messer Ezio?
~ -Carlo Grimaldi's last words.

Carlo Grimaldi (1445-1485) is a villain from the video game "Assassin's Creed II". He is a Templar, and a important nobleman in Venice. He is assassinated by Ezio. Grimaldi is the secondary Antagonist of Sequence 7, The Merchant of Venice and the main Antagonist of Sequence 8.

Carlo Grimaldi was a Templar and a government official. He was close to Doge Mocenigo of Venice and he plotted to kill him, so the Templars could take control over Venice.

He was also a member of the Council of Ten. Carlo craved political power, and he knew the Doge very well. He used this to his advantage when he came from his palace in Monaco. He had heard that a member of the Council of Ten's daughter was in love with a servant, but the father did not allow it. Carlo told them to escape on a boat. When the couple arrived at the boat, they found Carlo waiting for them with a few guards and the father. The servant was killed and the Doge trusted Carlo enough to allow him into the Council of Ten.

Carlo is first seen meeting with Emilio Barbarigo in the Pallazzo della Seta, informing him of Ezio's arrival in Venice. He also informs Emilio of a meeting in Campo San Stefano later, with the other Templars. He leaves just before Emilio is assassinated. He is next seen during the Templar meeting with the other Templars, where they are plotting to poison the Doge, so a Templar can replace him.

Carlo is later encountered in the Palazzo Ducale, the Doge's palace. He is playing chess with the Doge after hearing commotion outside the palace. Ezio rushes in, only to realize that he was too late, the Doge had already been poisoned. Carlo blames Ezio and runs out of the room, yelling to the guards that Ezio killed the Doge. Ezio pursues him and assassinates him in the courtyard.