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Time to get low, brother. Time to get low- Deacon St. John. Brought low by the lowly Jessie Williamson. Brought low...
~ Carlos

Jessie Williamson, also known as Carlos, is the secondary antagonist in the 2019 survival-horror video game Days Gone, and the main antagonist in the first half of the story.

A former Mongrel turned leader of insane cult, Carlos worships the Freakers but most of all desires revenge against his former "brothers".

He is voiced by Scott Whyte, who also played Jim Moore in the same game, Captain Qwark in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and Gregory Graham in Mighty No. 9.



Before the Freaker Outbreak, Jessie Williamson was a biker in the MC Mongrels but after an unknown transgression he was excommunicated and his former leader, Jack burnt the tattoo off his back with a blowtorch whilst fellow members William "Boozer" Gray and Deacon St. John held him down.

After this, Jessie went insane and two years after the Freaker outbreak he had changed his name to Carlos, abandoned his past and created the R.I.P. cult, a feral and drug abusive cult who worship the Freakers and seek to torture all those who don’t agree with their views. Secretly, Carlos was hunting his former brothers in hopes for revenge.

Days Gone

Carlos is mentioned repeatedly before his first appearance. He had his Rippers target the Mongrels cut worn by Boozer and Deacon and therefore indirectly responsible for his cultists burning the tattoo off of Boozer and the loss of his arm.

After repeated attacks on Copeland's Camp, Hot Springs and Lost Lake, Iron Mike's head of security, Skizzo discovered Carlos was hunting Boozer and Deacon and sold them out to protect the camp. In Ripper captivity, Carlos introduces himself and finally reveals his identity. He burns off a tattoo on Deacon’s forearm as revenge for what happened to him in the past, planning to do the same to all the other tattoos on his body but leaves him knocked out as his followers head to Lost Lake to capture Boozer.

Following being freed by Lisa, a young girl converted to the Rippers whom Deacon saved he heads to Lost Lake where Carlos' massacre the survivors. After a ceasefire, Iron Mike and the Ripper leader have an agreement at ceasefire. He refuses Skizzo's offer to relinquish Boozer and Deacon, seeing their chaotic violence as untrustworthy and force them to leave the camp. Before doing so, Deacon tells Carlos they are not through to which he sarcastically replies "Get low.".

Deciding to end the Ripper threat for good, Deacon and Boozer blow up a dam which destroys their compound and a majority of the cult, forcing the two to fight the remaining Rippers and march to Carlos. Deacon fights him alone but he is ambushed, disarmed and disorientated with a drug forcing the two former Mongrels into a knife fight. After a battle, Deacon stabs Carlos in the back as he rambles about finding the path, Deacon cuts his throat almost regretfully saying "Rest in peace, Jessie.".