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It's called a coup d'état, which is French for.. coup d'état. (cackles evilly) (Mr. Bunny: But Carlos, you've been my most trusted Number 2 for years!) Well guess what? I am sick of doing Number 2! It's time for Number 1, ja? We da bosses now!
~ Carlos revealing his true nature and plans to Mr. Bunny.
I will be Easter's new king!
~ Carlos claiming to be the new ruler of Easter.

Carlos is the former leader of the Easter Chicks and the main antagonist of the Illumination's 2nd feature film Hop.

He is E.B. and Fred O'Hare's arch-enemy. He is a chick who served as the second-in-command to The Easter Bunny Mr. Bunny, until he attempted to overthrow him.

He was voiced by Hank Azaria, who also played Gargamel in The Smurfs and The Smurfs 2, and Kahmunrah in 20th Century Fox's Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.


Carlos is a very traitorous and arrogant chick who hates bunnies due to their privileges. He is also shown to have a convincing and fake compassionate persona. Plus, he is also mainly annoyed by Phil's stupidity. Carlos would do anything to rule Easter. Plus, his fake kind persona happened to get the bunnies attention since he was also the second-in-command. Furthermore, he keeps his plans as a secret very well.


Carlos first appears at the start of the film in the Easter Factory, scolding and scaring E.B. for eating marshmallow chicks coming out of one of the factory's machines. Luckily, E.B.'s father and Carlos' boss Mr. Bunny arrives and tells Carlos that E.B. was just taste-testing the marshmallows chicks. Mr. Bunny tastes them and tells Carlos that there's too much marsh and not enough mallow. Carlos passes this information to his lieutenant Phil, but is annoyed at him for dancing on the job. As E.B. leaves to continue his tour of the Easter Factory, he bids farewell to Carlos, who sarcastically tells him to enjoy his life of privilege and gives E.B. and Mr. Bunny a look of annoyance as they walk away.

Twenty years later, after E.B. runs away from Easter Island on the night of his coronation as the next Easter Bunny to go to Hollywood to be a drummer, Carlos (having grown tired of being second-in-command) tries hinting to Mr. Bunny that he should be his successor (such as hopping (which causes him to run out of breath) and putting on fake rabbit ears). However, Mr. Bunny fails to understand these hints and believes that Carlos is merely trying to cheer him up. Annoyed, Carlos later declares to the other chicks his plan to overthrow Mr. Bunny and become the new ruler of Easter.

After E.B.'s human friend Fred is brought to Easter Island by the Easter Bunny's Royal Guard The Pink Berets (who had been sent out to find E.B.) after he supposedly "killed" E.B. (though it was really a turkey) and is held captive and confronted by Mr. Bunny and Carlos about killing E.B. Carlos pretends to be upset about E.B.'s death, silences Fred (who tries to reveal the truth of the decoy) and seizes control of the Easter factory and imprisons the factory's rabbit workers. Mr. Bunny orders The Pink Berets to seize Carlos, but the chick fights back by immobilizing the Pink Berets in chocolate. He then had Mr. Bunny and Fred tied in black licorice and placed above a vat of boiling liquid candy to be submerged in. He then declares plans to give the children of the world seeds, dried crickets and worms instead of chocolate and candy.

Luckily, E.B. arrives and confronts Carlos, but is immobilized in gummy candy and tossed into the chocolate bunny carving line. Fred and Mr. Bunny manage to free themselves by eating away the licorice and E.B. survives by dodging the blades.

Carlos, now a chick-bunny hybrid due to the magic of The Egg of Destiny (a magical staff used by The Easter Bunny), engages battle with E.B. and defeats him easily due to his increased size. Carlos then tells E.B. by saying that Mr. Bunny was a fool into thinking that he could ever amount to anything. He then tries to lead the Egg Sleigh (the sleigh used by The Easter Bunny to travel the world to deliver eggs and candy) out with Phil directing with light up wands. To stop the launch, E.B., knowing that Phil loves dancing, improvises a drum session. Uncontrollably driven to dance to the beat, Phil provides the wrong signals, causing a crash and Carlos is subdued and drops the Egg of Destiny, which is then claimed by E.B. After being defeated, Carlos is made to pull the Egg sleigh (now ridden by the new Co-Easter Bunnies E.B. and Fred) and Phil is made the new head of the Easter Chicks.


No dancing on the job. It is forbidden.
~ Carlos to Phil.
A son is very difficult to replace. Difficult, but not impossible.
~ Carlos trying to convince Mr. Bunny to let him be his successor.
The stubborn old bunny refuses to crown anyone else. This can only mean one thing, my friends. We are going to have to take matters into our own hands. (Phil: Um, Um, Um. Carlos?) Yes, Phil? (Phil: We don't have hands per say.) No, it's a figure of speech, Phil. (Phil: Oh right. Got it) Too long have we laboured under the yoke the bunnies tyranny. Well, no more! It's time for the Easter Chick to rise. (Phil: Uh, uh...) Yes, Phil? (Phil: Just thinking out loud, but wouldn't it be easier just to wait for E.B.? I mean, he can fix this.) Phil, if you love EB so much, why don't you marry him? E.B. is gone, okay? (Phil: Oh.) There is a new boss. (Phil: Really? Who is it? (Gasps) Is it me?) Are you being serious? Oh, yes. Hi. Just rehearsing for the big Easter sing-a-long. Okay, everybody, this time sing a lot more better. And one, and two... (Phil: And three and four.) It's me. Me, you idiot. I'm taking over. (Phil: Oh. I see.) But first, I must get in shape. I will be the bunny.
~ Carlos to the Easter Chicks about his plan to overthrow Mr. Bunny.
The Easter moon is on the rise! At midnight, her radiant beams will fill up the Egg of Destiny with magic. Then, at last, Señor Bunny. I will be Easter's new king!
~ Carlos to Mr. Bunny.
The most sensitive chicks in the room may want to avert their eyes.
~ Carlos
Your father was a fool to think you would ever amount to anything.
~ Carlos to E.B. and also Carlos' last words after defeating him.


  • Carlos is similar to other villains:
    • Jafar the Grand Vizier Sorcerer from Aladdin. Both are grand viziers to the rulers of their home town (Mr. Bunny and the Sultan), but are fed up with being those positions and are mistreated by their reckless henchmen (Phil and Iago). They reveal their secret true colors to their ruler at the climax.
    • Zigzag from The Thief and the Cobbler/Arabian Knight. Both are advisors to their boss (Mr. Bunny and King Nod). Both have devious plans to take over their hometowns and overthrow their king. Both are ultimately defeated by the hero at the end of the movie (E.B. and Aladdin).
  • Carlos is the first Illumination antagonist to be an animal, the second was El Pollito from Despicable Me 2 and the third was Snowball from The Secret Life of Pets.
  • Oddly despite being an adult, Carlos does not age and remains as chick throughout the film despite a chick being the infant stage of a chicken. The reason could be that Carlos and the other chicks are kept young looking by magic, due to Easter not featuring chickens in their adult form.
  • Carlos speaks with a Spanish accent. Coincidentally, Spanish is the language of Easter Island, the location of the Easter Factory.
  • Hop and The Smurfs, both of which Hank Azaria starred in as the bad guy, came out in 2011.
  • Christopher Lloyd and John Goodman were considered for the role of Carlos before Hank Azaria was cast.
  • His real age is unknown, but the actor providing his voice was around 46 years old at the time.
  • Carlos is known to be a war criminal.


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