Dying is a good option.
~ Carlos Calaca
You're that agave farmer!!! Hahaha you're a luchador now? But I killed you! I definitely killed you! Not to worry, you'll have the great privilege of dying twice to by my hand. I am CARLOS CALACA, THE GREATEST CHARRO THAT EVER LIVED ... and died ... BUT LIVES AGAIN!!! Oh and don't worry, I'll make sure she witnesses your painful, painful death. (Laughter) Now show me how worthless you truly are, AGAVE BOY!!!
~ Carlos Calaca to Juan before fighting him for the second and final time.

Carlos Calaca is the main antagonist of the videogame Guacamelee! and a minor antagonist in Guacamelee! 2.



Guacamelee Carlos Calaca human

Carlos when he was alive.

Before the events of the game, Carlos was a famed charro, who wanted to win the "La Gran Charreada". However, the night before the event, he broke his arm. Wanting to win, he made a literal deal with the devil to win. However, just as he won, he was taken to the World of The Dead. Furious at his defeat, he and X'tabay managed to trick the Devil into becoming a rooster. Taking control over his domain, he planned to merge both the living and dead worlds so everyone could obey his rule.


In the start of the game, he, along with Flame Face, Jaguar Javier, and El Trio De La Muerte, kidnap El Presidente's Daughter and kills Juan Agucate. However, Juan managed to come back to life through his luchador mask, making his way through his forces. At the Great Temple, Carlos does managed to complete his ritual and transform into a demonic like form, but ultimately loses again Juan, dying in his rematch.

Guaccamelee! 2

In the game's Darkest Timeline, Carlos does manage to kill Juan, but also meets his end in this timeline as well, this time by the game's main antagonist, Salvador.


Before he became Calaca, Carlos was known as "El Charro". People called him the pinnacle of "Charreria". Only one event alluded him, "La Gran Charreada". He was willing to do whatever it took to win it. The night before the competition, Carlos broke his arm. He was devastated and did the unthinkable... In exchange for his soul Carlos own the competition. But just before he could claim his glory...his flesh rotted and he was dragged to to the World of the Dead. Carlos felt cheated - he never got the glory he wanted so badly. He swore he would have his revenge. Carlos challenged the Devil to a cockfight. The Devil always liked challenges. With my help, Carlos turned the Devil into a rooster...and took over the World of the Dead. He plans to merge it with the world of the living, to enslave everyone... to make everyone praise him...
~ X'tabay on Carlos' origins.


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