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Carlos Chavez is the secondary antagonist of the film Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead.

He is portrayed by Tamer Hassan, who has also portrayed Ares in Wrath of the Titans and Prince Ahmet in Assassin's Creed: Revelations.



Little is known about Chavez's past, only that he was arrested and sent to prison for leading a criminal organization, most likely have been a violent drug dealer.

Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead

Chavez is first seen speaking with Floyd, a Neo Nazi serial killer, about an upcoming prison transfer that they plan on escaping from. Prison Warden Ladew however expects this and tells prison guard Nate of another guard, Willy, who will be going undercover disguised as another inmate in the transfer and try to gather information about the escape attempt and Chavez's criminal organization, despite Nate saying that if they know what Chavez is planning they should call off the transfer altogether.

During the preparation of Chavez, Floyd, Crawford, Brandon, and Willy for the prison bus, Willy tries getting on Chavez's good side, but he only either ignores him or tells him to be quiet.

Later on the transfer, Willy tries once again to try and get Chavez to talk about the escape attempt and Chavez's criminal past, but gets ignored once again. When Three Finger and Three Toe  crash the prison bus so they can kill and eat everyone on board, everyone survives, though Walter is injured. Chavez forces the guards to walk anyways to try and find either something that can get their chains off or a way to escape the woods.

When the group finds and old bank car with skeletons inside having been killed by Three Finger a long time ago, Nate finds a set of keys and an old gun, which he secretly gives to Walter, and gives the keys to Chavez who discovers several bags full of money in the back. Walter tries shooting Chavez with the old revolver, but it's not loaded, so Chavez shoots Walter in the head for trying to kill him. Chavez forces everyone else to grab a bag of money and continue on foot.

After on of Three Toe's traps fails to kill any of the survivors, he tries attacking them with a knife, only to be shot in the shoulder by Chavez. Chavez and Floyd then decapitate Three Toe with his knife to send a warning to Three Finger. When Nate and Willy attack Chavez for murdering the young mutant, Willy gets his head cut horizontally in half by a scythe trap. Chavez uses Three Toe's knife to cut off Willy's arms and legs since they don't have a key yet and they need to lose the weight to keep moving.

Three Finger soon finds his nephew's severed head and it only enrages him. Later on, when the group finds Three Finger's truck that's seemingly abandoned, Chavez tells him to go and hot-wire the car. While Crawford brags about being able to hot-wire any car he wants to, he's suddenly ensnared by a barbed wire net trap and dragged along the road by Three Finger until he's dead.

Chavez later gets into a fight with Floyd over the stolen money and he beats Floyd senseless, then leaves him to die. However, Floyd survives and steals all the money the group temporarily set down and stumbles away with it, until he gets to a pile of rocks on a river and hurts his leg. Knowing he's going to die no matter what, Floyd throws the money into the air to spite Chavez until he's set on fire with a Molotov cocktail by Three Finger and slowly dies along with the remaining burning money.

Chavez chases down Three Finger to have their final fight together and he actually manages to put up a better fight than most have before in the series, though Three Finger still manages to overpower Chavez and hold him against a tree while he uses an axe to pop open his skull and eat a bit of Chavez's brain right in front of him before he dies.


  • Officer Walter - Shot in the head by Chavez.
  • Three Toes - Shot and then decapitated by Chavez.
    • Total - 2



  • Ironically, despite playing a Spanish character, Tamer Hassan is British.


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