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Carlos Gomez, also known as "The Butcher", is the main protagonist of the Chick Tracts entitled "Gomez is Coming".

Gomez is Coming

The tract starts with a gang driving very stoned, possibly on weed. While driving, a member of the gang named Ricky Valdez pulls out a pistol and starts firing at innocent bystanders. The gang then appears on the news channel. They learned that two people were put on life support after the shooting, and that they killed one person in their drive-by shooting. The gang members realized with horror that Ricky had killed Luis Gomez, Carlos Gomez's kid brother. Ricky was not scared at first and he reminded his colleagues that Carlos was imprisoned for some crime. However, they tell him that Carlos would be getting out of prison on Thursday, and that he was doomed. 

Suddenly, members from Gomez's gang invaded Valdez's house, and kidnapped him. When they went to Gomez's hide out, they offered him a taco supreme, because that would be his last meal before their boss arrived to kill him. The next day, Gomez is released from prison.

When he left the prison, he was immediately greeted by his gang members. They  then took him to their secret hide out, and they present him with Ricky, who was tied up at that time. He then requested that his gang members leave him alone with the young boy, and they comply.

An hour passed, and his gang members noticed that it was fairly quiet in the room that they left Carlos and Valdez in. They reluctantly opened the door, and discovered Carlos praying on the floor with the young boy and that he did not even harm a hair on his head. When the gang members entered into the room, Gomez began to recount that while he was in the prison, a chaplain visited him and told him about how humanity killed a god thousands of years ago. Cue Jesus story. After he taught  the Gospel to him, Gomez immediately began to repent for his sins. He then asked his former gang members and Ricky if they would accept Jesus into their hearts, and they all do.


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