Carlson Grey is the warden of Blackgate prison in the TV Show Gotham and the antagonist of the second season's episode Wrath of the Villains: Prisoners. He is the friend of former police commissioner Gillian Loeb and plans to have a wrongfully imprisoned Jim Gordon killed. He is played by Ned Bellamy.


Carlson Grey is the warden of Blackgate prison where detective Jim Gordon is imprisoned having been wrongfully convicted for the murder of a police officer. After Jim spends several weeks in the prison Carlson removes him from protected custody and into a dangerous wing known as the "world's end", which holds convicts that Gordon had arrested. Carlson also reveals himself as the friend of former commissioner Gillian Loeb, whom Gordon caused to lose his job at the beginning of season 2.

Carlson informs a dangerous prisoner known as Henry Weaver that he doesn't want to see Gordon by the end of the week.

During a movie night, Henry attacks Gordon with a knife, causing him to be presumably stabbed and killed. But this was a setup by Carmine Falcone and Harvey Bullock in order to help Jim escape prison. When Jim goes to retrieve a badly beaten prisoner Peter "Puck" Davies, Carlson corners him in the infirmary and prepares to shoot him, but is knocked out from behind by prison guard Wilson Bishop, who has been looking out for Jim during his time in prison. On Wilson's request Jim knocks him out to cover up the fact he helped him out.


Season 2

  • Wrath of the Villains: Prisoners



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Carlson Grey
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