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Carly Klapp

Carly Klapp was a villainess from Season Two of Quantico. She is portrayed by Paige Patterson.


Carly Klapp was a former CIA case officer who usually used the cover of a senator's aide during operations. However, it was assumed that she joined the AIC, a rogue faction within the CIA. As part of an AIC operation, she met and fell in love with a CIA recruit named Sebastian Chen, who trained at the Farm. The mission was to uncover the identities of those CIA recruits who trained at the Farm. Although she still managed to work for the rogue group, she married Sebastian. Months later, Carly was assigned to attend the G-20 Summit under the orders of Elaine Todd, a head member of the AIC. The AIC's final plan was sabotage the event via initiating a hostage crisis and procure the intelligence hard drives that were brought to the summit. However, the AIC's plans were thwarted by the Citizens Liberation Front, a CIA terrorist group that was formed to eliminate the members of the rogue agency. The CLF members soon devised a plan to stop the group once and for all; by orchestrating a hostage crisis at the event. Towards the end of the crisis, CLF members successfully identified and killed AIC agents. During the escape phase, Carly killed a CLF member named Tony Gomez and stole Alex Parrish's gun. After turning the lights back on, she was seen holding a gun to Harry Doyle's head. Threatening to kill Harry, Carly demanded Alex to deliver her Will Olsen, who knew the identities of AIC members. She later mentioned that she was not a terrorist, but just a CIA operative. Quoting the AIC as the "Real CIA", she mentioned that the rogue agents were planning to make sacrifices in an attempt ot gain access of the intelligence drives, which would supposedly save more lives. As soon as Sebastian, Harry suddenly realizes that Carly is indeed a rogue operative and that she married him as part of an AIC operation. Carly instantly shoots Sebastian in the shoulder and as a response, Sebastian shoots Carly in the head, leading to her death.