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Carman and Patsy were two associates of the mob in the 1971 movie Shaft.

They were played by George Strus and Dominic Barto respectively.

Their main villainry is in the bar scene, where see them and John at a bar called the No Name Bar. John approaches them at the bar when he takes over a bartending shift, as an attempt to catch them. John makes conversation with them. These guys are members of the Mob that has Marcy, Bumpy Jonas's daughter, hostage. They only get more arrogant. Patsy starts to get suspicious and looks over his shoulder. Once John reveals who is to them, this gets them angry. Carman spits at John in contempt. In retaliation, John takes a glass bottle and smashes in on their face, cutting them. We then see John interview them, the next morning, asking them to give a location of the mob's whereabouts.

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