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Carmel Vanille is an antagonist in the novel RWBY: Roman Holiday. Carmel Vanille is the neglectful mother of Trivia Vanille later known as Neopolitan and a spy for Little Miss Malachite in the Kingdom of Vale that is willing to help in an attempt to blackmail those in power in return for a fortune.


Carmel Vanille is a woman with pale skin and light brown hair that is worn in a bun. She is described as regularly as wearing a white dress and a matching pearl necklace.


Carmel Vanille at first seems to merely be a shy woman who wants to stay out of the picture, that said she does show more compassion towards Trivia in her early years though gradually she does show a harsher side later. While she did show more compassion for her daughter she still demanded her daughter to speak when she caused any issue despite her being unable along with not wanting to be seen with her when often, when either felt the need to show off their daughter they would force her to wear a contact to hide Trivia's heterochromia. She also seemed to have no problem when her daughter was locked in her room and discouraged her having an imaginary friend. Near the end it is revealed that Carmel has a low opinion of her husband saying that she has made a deal with Little Miss Malachite and that in return she'd be set for life.


Little is known about Carmel Vanille's past outside the fact at some point she graduated Lady Browning's Preparatory Academy For Girls at the top of her class before meeting Jimmy who she married and had a daughter they named Trivia Vanille. The two seemed to be embarrassed that Trivia wasn't able to be "normal" due to being mute and having heterochromia, as a result they isolated her from the world and only hired tutors so she couldn't interact with other children. They both grew annoyed as Trivia had an imaginary friend named Neopolitan/Neo who she blamed whenever she got in trouble. Annoyed even further they decided to lock her in her room on a regular basis, this would lead her to become more rebellious and thus infuriate them further. When they realized Trivia had a Semblance both demanded she never use it. One night while Carmel and Jimmy went out and Trivia was locked in the house their was a fire. As soon as they got home Carmel wanted to ensure their daughter was safe which much to her relief she was, Jimmy however merely ranted about the damages. While both questioned their daughter they saw an illusion of Neo, Carmel angrily smacked it shattering her and berated her daughter saying they'd send her to Lady Browning's Preparatory Academy For Girls since Trivia didn't respect them.

Over the next month Carmel would make no effort to visit her daughter and instead merely continued her life as if she had no daughter though in secret was helping gain information on the rich and powerful for Little Miss Malachite. When Trivia adopted the identity Neo and was helping the wanted criminal Roman Torchwick, Carmel decided to act fast when they came by to hide for the night. While Jimmy did the talking Carmel drugged some tea and offered it to her daughter and Roman. After the drugs took affect and Jimmy went to take their daughter to her own room Carmel ranted to Roman about how she hated her role and insulted her husband. As she ranted about having to stay in the shadows and quiet she also went on of how she willingly worked for Little Miss as they had agreed as soon as she got the the hard drive that the duo had stolen that Carmel would be given a fortune to set her family up for life. Roman who had be exaggerating the effect of the drugs was able to get the upper hand and choked her into unconsciousness. After Carmel was left unconscious Roman had tied her, Carmel would ultimately be killed along with her husband when her daughter and Roman had been able to trick Little Miss into causing the mansion to explode.

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