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In the UK TV series. The Windsors, Carmilla is a fictionalized soap opera-ish parody of the Real Life Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

Here, Carmilla is depicted as a scheming, cartoonish villain. The only reason she does not twirl a mustache is she does not have one. Her main goal is to become the next Queen of England. In pursuit of such, she has hatched plans which will elevate her husband, Charles. Prince of Wales to the throne as King of England, get pregnant at the age of 68 to birth an heir to the throne, kill a pop-up bastard son who was next in line to the throne before her planned child, and blow up the entire Windsor family.

When Camilla thought she was pregnant—ultimately turned out she was not but instead had retained wind for several months—the revelation that Prince Charles had had a dalliance with "the middle one" of The Three Degrees had produced Richard who would be next in line to the throne—thereby bumping her allegedly expectant child from sixth in line to seventh. Which was something Camilla could not abide by. She then purchased—and sabotaged; wrenches falling out of her gown—a motorcycle for Richard which led to his death, marking the first known instance of her as a murderer.

In the season one finale, Camilla built and planted a bomb in the basement of Buckingham Palace in order to kill off all the aristocracy so that Charles could not be "skipped a generation" for King in favor of William, Prince of Wales, the more popular one in the eyes of the people. She was thwarted and the bomb disarmed. Fortunate for her as she was still in the building.

Over Christmas holiday, Camilla almost managed to drive Princess Katherine insane and have her lobotomized.

Later, in an attempt to bolster her popularity as perceived by the People, Carmilla publically announced she was donating a kidney to a popular twelve-year-old singer as they share the same extremely rare ABBA,AB-Negative blood-type. After the Press Conference announcing her intentions, Carmilla sabotaged the girl's wheelchair's brakes so that she might go over the White Cliffs of Dover. Only a bystander saved her. The only reason Camilla did not have to go through with the kidney transplant was she had contracted a tropical disease and was no longer a viable donor.