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Carmine is the secondary antagonist of the 2022 Dragon Ball film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. He is the vice-president of Red Pharmaceuticals and Magenta's right-hand man and chauffeur. He is also second-in-command of the remnants of the Red Ribbon Army. He is the archenemy of Pan.

He is voiced by Ryota Takeuchi in the Japanese version and by Jason Marnocha in the English dubbed version.


Carmine has a large pompadour and wears glasses and a red suit.


Carmine is a very cold, calculating man who is highly ruthless and quick-witted. He is extremely loyal to Magenta and his goals of rebuilding the Red Ribbon Army and plotting revenge against Goku and his family. Carmine likes tormenting his captives and enjoys humiliating them; such as Pan. Like his boss Magenta, Carmine is power hungry and wants to restore the Army to greatness, conquer the entire planet and rule it by Magenta's side with an iron fist. Despite being very confident and level-headed, Carmine is also downright heartless and murderous as he is willing to kill anyone, including children who stand in the way of the Red Ribbon Army's goals. Carmine also holds his boss in high regards and they seem to have a strong friendship with each other, unlike their predecessors Commander Red and Assistant Black.


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