Carmine Cuneo was the head of the Cuneo family.

Villain Full Name- Carmine Cuneo Alias- Don Cuneo, The Milkman Occupation- Head of the Cuneo Family Skills- High Intelligence, Vast Resources, Hobby- Attend the Five Families meetings, Goal- Help the Barzini Family Crippling the Corleone Family. Kill Sonny Corleone for attack his family(Succeeded)


Known as one of the few organized crime bosses in the U.S. whose criminal activities had never been suspected by the police, Don Cuneo ran a fleet of milk trucks from The Bronx as a front for his illegal activities. This earned him the nickname 'The Milkman'. He was the second most senior Don on the Commission, after Vincent Forlenza of Cleveland. Always fond of children, during the peace meeting arranged by Don Vito Corleone, Carmine made it a point that the future drug business would not involve children in any way.

Role in the War

Cuneo sided with his fellow dons against the Corleone family, in Emilio Barzini's plot to take their territory and assets, and spread the heroin trade through the entire city. After his son Sonny was murdered, Vito Corleone put a stop to the war, but his son Michael continued to plot against his father's enemies.



Carmine Cuneo before his execution

For his part in the conspiracy, Don Cuneo was assassinated in 1955 by Corleone family soldier Willie Cicci, who trapped the unsuspecting Don in the revolving door of an hotel before shooting him through the glass four times. Don Cuneo's death coincided with that of the other heads of the Five Families, in a move made to ensure Michael Corleone's move to Nevada could go ahead.

His role in commanding the Cuneo family was continued by Leo Cuneo in 1955 until 1979, when most the Commission's old guard was wiped out by Joey Zasa.

In the novel

In the Mario Puzo's novel the don is his younger brother Ottilio Cuneo. He is not executed during the Baptism, instead he joins the Corleone empire and works with them peacefully until his death years later.

In the video game

Cuneo features briefly in The Godfather: The Game (referred to only as "Don Cuneo"), where he must be shot in the foyer after exiting the Savannah Hotel in Midtown during the Baptism of Fire. He is the only Don in the game that does not have a unique character model.

Behind the scenes

  • He was portrayed by Rudy Bond and by Jarion Monroe in the game.