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Carmine Falcone is the overarching antagonist in the two-part movie Batman: The Long Halloween. He is the head of Gotham City's most powerful crime family, who struggles to maintain his grip on the city's underworld amidst the chaos created by Batman's rogues gallery and the mysterious serial killer known as Holiday.

He was voiced by Titus Welliver, who also portrayed James Savoy in Transformers: Age of Extinction, Rob Miller and Tom Landricks in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, the Man in Black in Lost, War in Supernatural, Felix Blake in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Trask Imperial Captain in The Mandalorian, and Jimmy O'Phelan in Sons of Anarchy.


Early Life

Carmine Falcone is the son of mob boss Vincent 'the Roman' Falcone, and inherited control of his father's criminal empire after his death. He had a sister named Carla Vitti. Growing up, Carmine aspired to be like his father and eventually followed in his footsteps similar to his sister Carla. At some point, Carmine fell in love with a woman named Louisa, married her, and had children with her, a son named Alberto and a daughter named Sofia. Carmine may also have fathered Selina Kyle, but that is left ambiguous.

Vincent Falcone was at war with Luigi Maroni, the father of Carmine's future rival Salvatore Maroni. Carmine was shot multiple times by Luigi and Vincent took Carmine to Wayne Manor to get Dr. Thomas Wayne to treat Carmine. Thomas wanted to take Carmine to a hospital but Vincent refused out of fear that Luigi would send his goons at the hospital or bribe the doctors to kill his son by accident, so Vincent insisted that the operation take place in Wayne Manor. Thomas and his butler Alfred Pennyworth did operate on Carmine in the dining table, saving his life. When Vincent, Thomas, and Alfred decided to give Carmine his rest, they were unaware that Thomas' young son Bruce watched the whole thing. Carmine greeted the young Bruce when Bruce went down to check on Carmine. Carmine took a liking to Bruce, who reminded him of Alberto, and decided to give Bruce a two-headed silver coin, telling Bruce that criminals are "a superstitious, cowardly lot".

Carmine would then go on to succeed his father as head of the Falcone Crime Family and build hospitals with Thomas Wayne before Thomas' murder.

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One

Falcone was first seen at the beginning of the film talking to Bruce Wayne about his father Thomas Wayne on what they want for Gotham City. Carmine asks that Bruce help him launder the mob's money, but Bruce refuses. Carmine faces several threats to his empire that he is unable to deal with: Batman and Catwoman, District Attorney Harvey Dent, Bruce Wayne, and police captain James Gordon. After Bruce's refusal to help Carmine launder his money, Carmine is forced to hide his money in a warehouse. Catwoman leads Batman and Dent to Falcone's cash stockpile. Using Carmine's coin that Batman gave him, Dent flipped it and based on the result, Dent decided to burn the money rather than move it legally since he (correctly) deduced that Carmine would get the money back eventually due to corruption in the justice system. In retaliation, Falcone hires Mickey Chen to bomb Dent's house. Both Dent and his wife Gilda survive, but Dent is hospitalized. Batman chases Chen down to the sewers where Chen runs into Solomon Grundy. Batman convinces Grundy to spare Chen and takes him to the GCPD. Lacking evidence of his involvement in the bombing, Batman and Gordon are forced to release him.

On Thanksgiving, a serial killer calling himself Holiday kills Chen and the Triads. Carmine is also revealed to have a strained relationship with his son Alberto and often scolds him. Dent escapes from the hospital and wants to kill Carmine for blowing up his house, but Gordon talks Dent out of it and gives him a gun for protection.

Carmine soon goes to war with Maroni, thinking that he is behind the Holiday killings. Batman labels Falcone, Maroni, Carla Vitti, and Dent as suspects. Not wanting Holiday to replace him as Gotham's most notorious criminal, the Joker confronts Dent in his home and threatens to kill Gilda if he is proven to be Holiday. Batman visits Maroni who was also attacked by the Joker. Maroni advises Batman that if Joker is Holiday, he will inevitably target Falcone himself. Joker harasses Falcone in his penthouse, warning him to divulge any new information about Holiday to him. Falcone knows nothing and is enraged that Joker broke into his own penthouse to tie him up. Falcone's bodyguard Milos Grappa chases Joker out of the building, but is killed by Holiday.

On New Year's Eve, Carmine throws a party and invites Bruce to attend. Alberto is enraged when Carmine calls Bruce the son he never had. Batman accuses Alberto of being Holiday, targeting Carmine's associates to gain power within the family. Alberto rudely denies it by telling Batman that all he ever wanted was to live his own life, rather than being controlled by Carmine. Alberto is then shot by Holiday and falls into the bay when he is cut to pieces by the yacht's propellers. Gordon decides to put a protective detail on Carmine.

Later, Bruce attends Alberto's funeral. Carmine approaches Bruce with Poison Ivy helping him get the son of his former associate to cooperate with him on business. When Bruce refuses, Carmine had Ivy her her hypnotic powers to take control of Bruce.

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two

Poison Ivy gets Bruce to sign over his properties to Carmine, unintentionally preventing him from acting as Batman. Carmine's plan is foiled when Catwoman rescues Bruce. For three months, the Holiday killings continued through Valentine's Day, Saint Patrick's Day, and April Fools' Day, targeting both the Falcone Crime Family and the Maroni Crime Family. Carmine is disappointed when Bruce is able to reclaim all of his properties that he signed over to Carmine by using Poison Ivy as an excuse.

On Mother's Day, Carmine gets Sofia to release the inmates from Arkham Asylum. Scarecrow manages to inject fear toxin into Batman's abdomen. During a fear-induced hallucination, Batman staggers around Gotham, ending up in Crime Alley, where Catwoman finds him and takes him home to nurse him back to health. Dent and Gordon investigate Bruce, suspecting that he is in league with Falcone. Bruce denies it and speculates that Thomas saving Carmine might have led to the murder of his parents a year later, insisting that any loyalty between the Falcones and Waynes died with them.

After Dent becomes Two-Face, he declares war on Carmine. Dent and Grundy attack Arkham Asylum, freeing numerous inmates. Batman begins to doubt that Dent was connected to the killings and visits Carmine, is mourning Carla and Alberto's deaths after Holiday kills Carla at his birthday party. Carmine also reveals he knows who Holiday is. Carmine then tries to kill Batman but fails when Catwoman intervenes. Catwoman explains to Batman that Carmine is her father and she wants to find out her mother's name, sharing a kiss with Batman afterward.

Two-Face gets Ivy, Scarecrow, and the Mad Hatter to attack Gotham, distracting Gordon and the GCPD while Two-Face, Joker, Grundy, and the Penguin attack Carmine's building. After his goons seemingly kills Sofia, Two-Face performs a coin flip, ironically with Carmine's coin, to determine whether Carmine will live or die despite Carmine insisting that Two-Face pull the trigger. Batman and Catwoman then intervene, subduing most of the rogues. Two-Face shoots Carmine. Sofia is enraged by this and tries to kill Two-Face, but Sofia accidentally trips and falls out the window. Catwoman tries to save Sofia, but fails. Catwoman unmasks herself to a bleeding Carmine and Carmine starts calling her "Louisa" before he dies in Batman's arms. Catwoman is then saddened by Carmine's death. Two-Face later confronts Gordon and confesses to all the Holiday murders. Gordon takes Two-Face into custody. Batman asks Gordon and Two-Face if their promise to end the Falcone crime family was worth it, with Gordon replying that they won't know for a long time.

Batman later confronts Dent's wife Gilda in her home. Gilda is burning Holiday's outfit and equipment, with Batman watching. Gilda "reveals" that she was Holiday and had been in a relationship with Alberto when they studied at Oxford, marrying him after she became pregnant. However, Carmine forced the two to get an annulment and Gilda to have an abortion, ruining her life and driving her to seek revenge. Gilda has no regrets about what she did except for what Maroni did to Dent and wonders if Batman will turn her over to Gordon. It is unclear whether Batman did or not.


As a young adult, Carmine had ambitions to take his father's place as the Roman and rule Gotham City. Carmine was an extremely immoral man who spent most of his life making several mistakes that destroying countless people's lives for his benefit, even going through multiple cover-ups to preserve his reputation. Carmine forced his former daughter-in-law Gilda Gold to have an abortion when his son Alberto got Gilda pregnant after marrying her. Carmine also had a strained relationship with his son Alberto and daughter Sofia. For Alberto, it was because Carmine never approved of his decisions such as marrying Gilda and sending the Dents flowers after Carmine had the Triads cause an explosion in the Dents' house. Carmine went far as to physically abuse Alberto. As for Sofia, although Carmine favored her more than Alberto such as giving her lots of money to buy an expensive car or expensive dress, Carmine still refused to let Sofia be at the table with him out of fear that Sofia would make her look weak. Carmine goes far as to prefer Bruce over Alberto, wishing that Bruce was his son. Despite favoring Bruce over Alberto, Carmine had no problem with getting Poison Ivy to brainwash Bruce and manipulate Bruce into signing over all of his assets over to him. Carmine also has no problem with gloating of his wealth and power to others. It can also be hinted that Carmine is sentimental as he had his lieutenant killed for insulting him by accident. Carmine has a warrior's perspective where he refused to show fear in the face of death. He also believed the living isn't for the weak and that suicide is for the weak. Carmine refused to show fear when Two-Face and Joker pointed their guns at his head. Carmine also was very wise as he had a lot of experience in dealing with criminals such as when he told Bruce that criminals were a superstitious and cowardly..

However, Carmine had a sense of compassion and humility, as he worked with Thomas Wayne to establish several hospitals for children. For all of Carmine's flaws, Carmine really did love his family as he mourned the deaths of his sister Carla and son Alberto, wishing he was a better father to Alberto before he died. Carmine is also very insightful as he was able to correctly deduce that Gilda had a hand in the Holiday killings before Batman did and correctly deduced that Dent burned all of his money. However, Carmine was a horrible father to Selina Kyle as he abandoned her. Despite this, Selina forgave Carmine and was devastated over his death. Carmine also loved Louisa deeply as his only thought was Louisa before he died and thought that Selina was her. Carmine is still capable of showing love and compassion despite his flaws.

Powers and Abilities

  • High-level intellect/Master tactician/Expert Investigator/Leader: As the leader of the Falcone Crime Family, Carmine is a very intelligent individual, a very capable tactician, planner and leader; being able to organize criminal activities all while remaining off-charts and covering up his tracks up until his death. Carmine is also good at investigation as he was able to correctly deduce Dent burned all of his money and that Gilda had a hand in all of the Holiday killings.
  • Intimidation: Carmine was deeply feared by most individuals because of what he was capable of and his associates would die before betraying him.
  • Expert marksman: Carmine is highly skilled in the use of firearms.
  • Network: Carmine has connections to the police department and Gotham's government which is how he got away with most of his crimes.


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