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Carmen Lúcia Moreira de Souza Araújo, or better known as Carminha, is the main antagonist of the 2012 Brazilian telenovela Avenida Brasil.

She was portrayed by Adriana Esteves, who also played Laureta, in O Segundo Sol, young Nazaré Tedesco, in Senhora do Destino and Thelma, in Amor de Mãe.


Carminha was born in 1969 in Engenho de Dentro, a poor neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, her parents were Santiago and Virginia.

30 years later in 1999, Carminha causes the death of her husband Genésio, with the help of her lover Max, and abandons her stepdaughter Rita in a landfill. She later marries a wealthy former soccer player, Tufão, and moves in his mansion in an upper-class neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. She lived a life of luxury and money, continued to have affairs with Max and was constantly pestered by Tufão's loud and obnoxious family members. Carminha adopts one of the landfill children, Batata (who was also Rita's childhood friend) and renames him "Jorge Moreira de Araújo Filho", known affectionately as "Jorginho".

Unbeknownst to Carminha, Rita was adopted by an Argentinean family and renames her "Nina García Hernández". Seeking to avenge her father, Nina returns to Rio de Janeiro after 13 years of living in Argentina and infiltrates Carminha's home by working as a maid. While working in the house, she falls in love with Jorginho and they later discover their true identities.

Carminha eventually discovers Nina's true identity as Rita and tries to kill her by burying her alive. When she returns home, Nina (who escaped) blackmails Carminha into domestic labor by showing photos of Carminha's affairs with Max. Carminha flees to a hideout home and betrays Max, who is killed. Carminha, seen as the killer, is imprisoned. When she is released, she heads to the landfill and lives in poverty.

Being kicked out of the mansion, she eventually joins her father Santiago, who turns out to be an abusive father.

Carminha is showing real redemption traces by claiming to the father that he would really like to see his daughter, while he wants to use her to reconnect with the player's family until the two can take away all their fortune.

Personality and Traits

Carminha is ruthless, sarcastic, murderous, deceitful, seductive, greedy and cruel, also manipulator. She simulates kindness to both of her husbands.

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