Carnaby Fritton is the secondary antagonist in the 2007 comedy St. Trinians. He is the father of Annabelle Fritton (the film's main protagonist) and the brother of Camillia Fritton. He is a snobby, wealthy art collector who admittedly despises his own daughter.

He was portrayed by Rupert Everett who also portrayed Dr. Claw, Prince Charming, Lord Rutledge, Sota and Sloan Blackburn.


He first appears at the start of the movie when he takes his daughter Annabelle to his sister's boarding school St. Trinians where he and his sister debate over how much money he'll pay to enrol his daughter until eventually agreeing on a small amount, he then abandons his daughter there despite her attempts to go back home. He later received a phone call from his daughter but pretended to have bad signal so he could stay in a pub so he didn't have to go and pick her up. He later appeared after his sister was told that her school would be declared bankrupt if she did not pay £500,000 to the bank, Carnaby uses this to his advantage and makes a deal with her to sell her school and just abandon the students, Camilla asks him what will become of Annabelle and he resents her, this angers Camilla who tells him he's wrong about her being a weak link in the family and even refers to him as "a snake in the grass". He ignores her insults and just tells her that the school is done for. He later appears when a German art dealer (which is really Flash Harry in disguise) sells him the "Girl with the pearl earing" painting (which was actually a copy). He admires the piece before noticing his own daughter's signature at the bottom corner. In shock he faints that he had been ripped off by who he thought was a great and respectable artist as well as the fact that Annabelle betrayed him. He hasn't been seen again in the series and it is unlikely he will return should a third movie be released due to his storyline being wrapped up in the first movie.


  • Rupert Everett also portrayed Carnaby's sister Camilla who was a much more regular character in the movie and franchise.
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