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Cletus Kasady, better known as Carnage, is a major villain in the 2002 Halloween Horror Nights: Islands of Fear. He is the very same character from Marvel Comics who serves as an enemy of Spider-Man. This version, however, is darker than the comic book character in terms of nature.


During the events of Halloween Horror Nights: Islands of Fear back in 2002, Carnage was the head of the island-turned-scare zone called "Island Under Siege". He appeared specifically in the haunted house called "Maximum Carnage", based off the storyline of the same name. However, the maze alters the storyline into Carnage slaying all of the superheroes that came after him before he took over the world. The "Island Under Siege" scare zone was also themed exactly like the maze. It is known that in the maze, people found bodies of defeated superheroes hung up as trophies in Carnage's evil hideout, such as Spider-Man decapitated, Wolverine's arms ripped apart, and Captain America covered in blood along with his shield. Carnage summoned other villains such as Scream, Kraven the Hunter, Sabretooth, the Silver Samurai and Crossbones to chase people along with The Punisher, who had been previously brainwashed by The Caretaker's darkness to kill the other superheroes. Carnage also summoned his henchmen during the plot of the "Maximum Carnage" maze. The Marvel idea was unfortunately used only once at Halloween Horror Nights, as the maze was a failed concept.


  • The reason the Marvel Idea for Halloween Horror Nights was used only once was because Marvel Comics allegedly got angry at the heroes being killed off.

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