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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Carnage from the 2021 film. The mainstream version can be found here: Carnage (Marvel). Stop hand.png


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Villain Overview

Let there be CARNAGE!!!
~ Carnage's most famous quote and his villainous breakdown.
Father, one of us must die.
~ Carnage to Venom during their fight.

Carnage is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Cletus Kasady) of the 2021 film Venom: Let There Be Carnage. He is a highly destructive and homicidal symbiote, who bonds with the infamous serial killer named Cletus Kasady, to unleash carnage upon New York City. He is the spawn and archenemy of Venom.

He was voiced by Woody Harrelson, who also played Kasady in the same film and its predecessor, Mickey Knox in Natural Born Killers, Charles Costello in Seven Psychopaths, Harlan Degroat in Out of the Furnace, Colonel McCullough in War for the Planet of the Apes and Tobias Beckett in Solo: A Star Wars Story.


During a visit from Eddie Brock, a dejected Cletus Kasady invited Eddie to meet him one last time to guilt-trip him but instead taunted him. His provoking, however, angered Venom and he assaulted him. Cletus took the opportunity to bite Eddie, only to be surprised when he accidentally ate a piece of the symbiote.

Come execution by lethal injection, Cletus' sample awoke as a sentient new symbiote whom he named Carnage. The two escaped and killed/ate numerous people on the way out. Carnage agreed to help Cletus free Shriek, in exchange for killing its parent, Venom. After killing many people, including Dr. Pazzo, the two freed Shriek from her prison and killed the authorities who tried to stop their escape. Shriek used her power during the escape, Carnage threatened to eat her face if she did it again, since symbiotes were vulnerable to high sounds to which Cletus warned her about for her safety. The three decide to make a “red wedding” for Cletus and Shriek. After kidnapping "witnesses" for the wedding, they planned on killing Venom, Eddie, and the cop who arrested Shriek.

Venom attacked, resulting in Carnage and Cletus fighting them. During the fight, Carnage knocked Shriek around to Cletus's protests and killed the priest to get more power. Eventually, Carnage grew tired of Shriek's presence and tried to strangle her to death, which caused Cletus to panic and try to prevent Carnage from doing so. Carnage tried to force Venom and Eddie to watch Anne die but she was successfully rescued by the heroes. As the fight with Venom reached the bell tower, a still-alive Shriek fell to her death below as her scream dislodged the bell and symbiotes, causing Eddie and Cletus to fall. While Venom saves Eddie, Cletus hits the ground and is seriously injured. Before Carnage could merge with Cletus again, Venom grabs the offspring with the intention of eating it. Despite trying to put up a fight, Venom was able to wolf it down, saying "he did not taste good."


Carnage: There you are! Death to you, father!
Priest: NOOOO!!
Carnage: Not you, father. YOU father!
~ Carnage showing a murderous hatred for his father, Venom.

Much like Riot, Carnage represents the worst side of the Symbiotes - an intensely sadistic and feral psychopath who seems to enjoy watching innocent people suffer, much like his host Cletus Kasady, for hardly any reason at all, as shown when it crashed a driving truck over a bridge simply for fun.

Carnage seems to have a twisted relationship with his host as Carnage acts friendly with Cletus to suit his own goals but can at times be controlling over him. They soon proved to not be a perfect match as the symbiote had no problem in attempting to kill Cletus' girlfriend, Shriek, though Cletus was against it, Carnage still forced him to stay bonded.

Immediately after the symbiote is born, Carnage wreaked havoc on a prison during its escape, destroyed pillars, and killed many guards. In one moment, a guard pleaded to Carnage, which confused it, until it decided to violently murder him when he said he had a family, which showed that he hated the word 'family.' Carnage also has a deep hatred for its father, Venom, wanting to kill it so that he could be the only symbiote on the planet and thus unstoppable. He also uses his allies whenever he thinks it will benefit him and then tries to kill them when they become useless or is agitated by them.



  • Venom - Father, Attempted Victim, and Killer



  • G. Murphy † - Victim
  • Eddie Brock - Attempted Victim
  • Camille Pazzo † - Victim
  • Shriek † - Host's Girlfriend, Former Ally, and Attempted Victim
  • Patrick Mulligan - Hostage and Alleged Victim
  • Anne Weying - Hostage and Attempted Victim
  • Dan Lewis - Attempted Killer and Attempted Victim


Let get this party started! (Cletus: You are real.) I am. And once I kill that thing that made me, we will be indestructible… (Cletus: I know where to find him, but first, I need you to help me find something I lost.) Deal. (Cletus: Deal.)
~ Carnage and Cletus making a deal.
She does that again, I'll eat her face.
~ Carnage threatening Shriek if she use her sonic scream again.
~ Carnage to Shriek.
Carnage: You. Kill him, but keep your mouth shut.
Cletus: Our wife knows what she's doing.
Carnage: Just turn it down.
Shriek: Who do you think you're talking to?
~ Carnage, Cletus, and Shriek
~ Carnage killing the priest.
You're going to watch her die.
~ Carnage kidnapping Anne Weying.
I'll shut her up for good.
~ Carnage betraying Shriek.
(Cletus: Get AWAY FROM HER!!!) SHUT UP!!!! (Cletus: GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY WIFE!!!)
~ Carnage furiously silencing Cletus while attempting to kill Shriek.
~ Carnage’s last words before being separated from Cletus and being eaten and killed by Venom.


  • Carnage was originally intended to be the main antagonist of Venom in an early script, but this idea was scrapped with Riot as one of the main antagonists. Regardless, Cletus Kasady appears in the film's post-credits scene and his Carnage persona appeared in the sequel Venom: Let There Be Carnage.
  • Carnage is the first known symbiote to be born on Earth.
  • It was initially stated that Carnage would be Venom's brother rather than his son, giving the relationship between the two more deep, but the final version has Carnage as Venom's son instead, much like his comic book counterpart.
  • Unlike the comics, where Carnage is one with his symbiote in body and will, Cletus and Carnage are two separate minds, though it should be noted that initially Carnage and Cletus were not one and the same, but over time the two became one. In the film, Carnage attempts to kill Shriek because of her sonic scream, angering Cletus. This is a weakness that the symbiote retains for the entirety of the film, whereas in the comics, Carnage eventually evolved an immunity to sound (as well as fire).
  • Carnage is referred to by his name only once throughout the film.
  • Although Venom devours Carnage at the end of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Andy Serkis has hinted that Carnage may not be totally dead after all, speculating that perhaps a piece of the Carnage symbiote could have been left at the church.
  • In deleted scene, Carnage once had greater ambitions than simply killing Eddie Brock and Venom. Carnage tells Cletus Kasady and Shriek that he wanted to kill all the humans on Earth and repopulate it with symbiote/human hybrids with Carnage as their god, something Shriek wasn't really on board with.

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