I had a horrible childhood, boo hoo. And sure, it had its moments. My dad beat me unconscious, my Mom drank. But a lot of people go through that and don't end up like I did. Here's what really happened. When I was still just a kid, I saw the truth. Life is meaningless. Death is the only thing that matters.
~ Carnage to his doctor.
I'm not Cletus Kasady. Not anymore. I'm my true self now. I'm Carnage.
~ Cletus Kasady introducing himself as Carnage.

Cletus Kasady, better known under his serial killer alias The Carnage Killer and his supervillain alias Carnage, is the main antagonist of the 2014 action-adventure game The Amazing Spider-Man 2, very loosely based on the film adaptation with the same name.

He was voiced by David Agranov.


Violently abused by his father, Cletus realized at a young age that life is pointless and the only thing in the world with use is death. Growing up as a disturbed adult, Cletus began gruesomely killing criminals under the name the Carnage Killer, or CK. One of CK's victims included Dennis Carradine, the man responsible for the death of Uncle Ben. Even Mister Negative's and Hammerhead's syndicate of mobsters were terrified at the very mention of CK, and Spider-Man, along with Kraven the Hunter, begin working together to find the serial killer. A gangster organization of Russian criminals begin taking innocent people hostage, believing them be the dangerous mass murderer they are so scared of. Eventually, Spider-Man finds and defeats CK before having him arrested, the latter stating that he's only killing other criminals.

In prison, Cletus meets Donald Menken, and is experimented on with a red symbiote named Venom, which was a liquid used in a failed attempt to cure Norman Osborn of his eventual death. Cletus then escapes and confronts Spider-Man in the riot, telling him that he plans to spread the symbiote among the Earth and treat the infected people as the family he never had. The two then engaged in a showdown, a fight in which the symbiote overwhelms Cletus' mind and turns him into a dangerous sociopath known as Carnage. Despite the monster's nearly unstoppable strength, Spider-Man burns Carnage out of existence, leaving only a mentally broken Cletus on the floor.


  • His weaknesses are fire and sound (strong vibrations). The game mirrors the the classic symbiotes in the comic, it is unknown if these will be his weaknesses in the film continuity.
  • Unlike the Lizard, Carnage is the first final boss who is not an antagonist from the film the game is based on nor does he ever appear on said film.
  • Unlike his mainstream counterpart, this version is generally a tragic character who just wanted to have a normal family, unlike his mainstream counterpart who just wanted to cause complete and utter chaos everyone around him.
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