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Caroline is a mechanic affiliated with the Ptolemaic Army and a villain and playable character in Metal Slug Attack.


Extra Ops

Flying Ace

As Yoshino was overwhelmed by a Martian Monoeye and the many Tar Man accompanying it, Caroline swooped in on her scaled model of the F502 Shooting Ray and fights off the Monoeye and its forces, saving Yoshino.

Butterfly Disaster

Caroline accompanied a group of Ptolemaic troops sent out to fight the Invaders Fedeln Metzelei and Nowan. She informs the soldiers that Fedeln is extremely poisonous and that they must keep their gas masks on at all times. However, despite the protection from the gas masks, the masks are melted by Fedeln's poison. Caroline then brings out the Space Metal Rear and manages to drive Fedeln and Nowan off.

Hot Trap

Caroline and Towa test out new vehicles in a secret location, planning to use them to support Dragunov's coup. However, the two are knocked unconscious during one of the tests and taken to a mysterious location. They wake up to find themselves in an underground base and are greeted Dion, who tells the two that they are now in Rebel custody and that knows who the two are from several reports.

However, Towa and Caroline attempt to escape and manage to free themselves along with several prisoners. Caroline hacks a door and Towa and the prisoners are able to get through, but the door shuts before Caroline can go with them, forcing Towa to leave her friend behind. Now alone, Caroline is faced by Dion, who coldly tells her she is welcome to stay with the Rebel Army.

Escape Plan

After being captured by Dion, Caroline is put into forced labor by the Rebel Army and forced to make weapons for them. However, Caroline is able to create a Sky Jupiter version of their Jupiter Queen and use it to escape the Rebel prison compound. Unbeknownst to Caroline, Dion was aware of her escape and was intentionally letting her flee.

The Ptolemaic Army soon detects the Sky Jupiter Queen moving towards them and Dragunov contacts Caroline, who is delighted to hear Dragunov's voice again. However, Caroline is then attacked by Agalia and Vatn, who had been mind controlled by Agalia to serve him. Caroline reluctantly abandons the Sky Queen to get away from the two vampires.


During an attack on the Ptolemaic base by the Rebel Army and ACE soldier Romy, a Rebel Army soldier recognizes Caroline but she manages to escape with Towa.

Another Story

Scrap Life

Despite being ordered to stay behind by Dragunov and Yoshino, Caroline followed them on their mission to retrieve scrap metal from the Rebel Army. Dragunov eventually discovered her and Caroline explained that she came because their missions hadn't brought back a lot of materials for her to work with.

Dragunov contacts Yoshino to inform her that Caroline had decided to tag along. Yoshino ordered Caroline to return to their base, but Caroline revealed she was unable to, as her hover unit had crashed. Hearing this, Yoshino instead instructed Dragunov to look after her until the mission was over.

The three later rendezvous at the location of the Big Shiee, which they discover is being piloted by Allen O' Neil. Unable to capture the Dragunov and Yoshino decide to destroy it, but are surprised when Allen O' Neil rises from the wreckage. Allen shoots Dragunov and Yoshino engages him while ordering Caroline to take Dragunov to safety.

After the battle, Caroline assures Dragunov she will make a battleship better than the Big Shiee, but Dragunov states they will have to scavenge for materials force and notes that she has yet another dept to repay to Yoshino.

In the Secret Ending, Caroline presents Dragunov and Yoshino with the ShootingRay she recently built.

The Dreams of the Prodigious Mechanic

After Dragunov returned from an infiltration mission to get information on the Rebel Army's new machines, Caroline immediately became interested in the machines she had seen, in particular the "Crablops". She expresses a desire to visit it, but Dragunov forbids her from doing so. However, Caroline disobeys her orders and goes to look at it anyway. As she is heading to the facility however she is spotted and attacked, but Dragunov saves her. After the battle, Dragunov scolds Caroline for recklessly disobeying orders and gives her a one month layoff, warning her that any further transgressions will get her dismissed from the army. Caroline then lashes out at Dragunov but immediately comes to regret her actions and runs away crying.

Caroline is later found by Yoshino, who comforts her and assures her that they will get Crablops for her. Along the way, they encounter Shoe and Karn, but Yoshino is able to deal with them and the other rebels rather easily. After fighting off the Rebel soldiers, Yoshino directs the remaining soldiers to help Caroline and tells her that when they go to steal scraps and other items, they are willingly there and that risks are taken.

Having, come to respect Caroline's decisions, Dragunov allows her to be the commander of the battle against Crablops. After the battle, Dragunov tells the soldiers to gather any useful scraps from the remains of Crablops. However, Caroline notices a device sending low information and suddenly gets a vision which she interprets as meaning that Crablops will self-destruct. Caroline then orders everyone to drop all of its scraps and leave. Her vision proves to be correct, as once everyone is outside, the base explodes. Dragunov expresses pleasure with Caroline though Yoshino wonders what she will be like after the layoff.

In the Secret Ending, Caroline pleads with Dragunov to give her a monkey wrench, but Dragunov refuses as she is still under layoff. Dragunov is then teased by Yoshino, who tells her "some people" never change.

Cloak of Darkness

At the Ptolemaic Army base, Caroline talks with Towa, a new mechanic who joined the Ptolemaic Army after being caught trying to steal from them. Towa tells Caroline she finds Dragunov intimidating, but Caroline assures her that she doesn't hold grudges. However, Dragunov then intervenes the conversation and states that she can hold grudges towards thieves for long periods of time, reminding Towa that she was only spared from being killed by her becayse Caroline stepped in. Caroline tells Dragunov that she and Towa were looking at the Tani Oh, Dragunov refuses to let her go after it. However, after a Special Forces soldier suddenly shows up to deliver a message to Dragunov, Dragunov allows Caroline to go and orders Towa to accompany her. As the two mechanics leave, Dragunov smirks on how Caroline is hard to control.

At the desert, Towa and Caroline spy on Rebel positions and attack them, defeated them. Dragunov is then informed that Caroline initiated a battle, but Caroline assures her that they jammed their comms before attacking. Caroline is then advised by Dragunov to stay on guard as there are reports of Regular Army soldiers in the area. Towa then tells Caroline that the prisoner the they took from the attack refuses to give up the locations of his base. Caroline then threatens to kill him with the machine, scaring him into confessing the base's location. Towa expresses surprise at Caroline's threats, and is told by a Ptolemaic soldier that Caroline can be scarier than Dragunov when her interest is piqued.

After the prisoner surrenders divulges where his base is located, Caroline and Towa track it down and examine one of Shizuka's sensors while she talks with Abul Abbas. Suddenly, it goes off and Towa notices enemies from afar, so she goes ahead to protect her. When she returns, she finds Caroline talking to another soldier about the sensor. As they make their way to the Rebel Army base, night falls and once the Ptolemaic forces set up camp for the night, Caroline goes to sleep.

However, their camp is attacked by Shizuka who begins killing the sentries all across it. The ninja soon finds and nearly kills Caroline, but before she can do so Towa arrives and attacks the ninja. Shizuka fights off and corners Towa, but Caroline suddenly attacks her. Shizuka is surprised to hear Caroline mentioned ninjas and asks her how she knows about them, to which Caroline notes that Shizuka looks a lot like Yoshino's and tells her that she's the first ninja outside the Army that she has seen. Ptolemaic soldiers then arrive and Shizuka warns the two mechanics that if they continue, she will kill them. Towa asks Caroline if they should continue, to which Caroline says yes. She theorizes that, if Shizuka spared them, it must mean the Rebel Army is spread thin.

The Ptolemaic Army then arrives at the Rebel base and commences their attack. After Shizuka is overwhelmed and defeated by the Ptolemaics, Caroline tells her that she will take the Tani Oh but will spare her life. However, Shizuka tells Caroline that if she knows Yoshino, then she should know a ninja's orders are absolute, just as the rest of Abul's army launch a surprise ambush against the Ptolemaics on camels. However, Caroline, Towa and the Ptolemaic forces are able to get away and return with the Tani Oh.

Back at the Ptolemaic base, Caroline and Towa have fun with the newly acquired Tani Oh while Yoshino and Dragunov look on. The two discuss how playful they are with it, finding it annoying, but note how the Tani Oh will greatly bolster their forces.

In the Secret Ending, Towa helps Caroline find some tools she misplaced while Yoshino and Dragunov warily note how well they get along and how Towa is the second best mechanic in the Army.

Scrap Memory

At the Ptolemaic base, Caroline creates soundproof earplugs for Simon. After seeing that they work, Simon asks Caroline why she's being handed them, to which Caroline tells her that because she's family she'll be treated like one. Simon is surprised to hear this, but whispers thanks to her.

Later, Caroline shows Dragunov and Yoshino the Rebel Army's Sergeant Drill, which is being used by Allen O' Neil. The two are eager to get revenge on Allen, but are stopped by Caroline, who comments that they are being reckless. After Dragunov and Yoshino infiltrate the Rebel Army, Caroline shows them the way to the Sergeant Drill. The three soon are faced with Allen O' Neil and Destrade. While Allen went to get the Sergeant Drill, Dragunov pursued him. Allen O'Neil reaches the Sergeant Drill and uses it against Dragunov, nearly killing her if she were not saved by Caroline with several ShootingRays. Dragunov asks Caroline how they can take the machine down, to which Caroline says she is unsure but has an idea. While Dragunov distracted Allen, Caroline gets close to the Sergeant Drill with her ShootingRays and sabotages the machine's engine. As Allen faces the two Yoshino arrives, having defeated Destrade. Before Allen can fight all three himself a soldier arrives and tells him that Morden has ordered an emergency council. Thus, Allen retreats and abandons the Sergeant Drill. Having obtained what they came for, Dragunov thanks Caroline for her assistance, much to her delight.

In the Secret Ending, Caroline and Towa talk about what the hover unit is missing. Towa thinks that it's missing a drill, but Caroline states that she it to be flashy, so they decide to make it have flashy drills. Dragunov then arrives and, unimpressed, orders the two to kneel in ten seconds, confusing Caroline.


Caroline sought out more materials after her prototype of the ShootingRay failed. She eventually came across Scotia Amundson and, believing her to be a new recruit because of her scarf, took Scotia on a tour of the base.

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