Caroline is a mechanic affiliated with the Ptolemaic Army and a villain and playable character in Metal Slug Attack.


Extra Ops

Scrap Life

Despite being ordered to stay behind by Dragunov and Yoshino, Caroline followed them on their mission to retrieve scrap metal from the Rebel Army. Dragunov eventually discovered her and Caroline explained that she came because their missions hadn't brought back a lot of materials for her to work with.

Dragunov contacts Yoshino to inform her that Caroline had decided to tag along. Yoshino ordered Caroline to return to their base, but Caroline revealed she was unable to, as her hover unit had crashed. Hearing this, Yoshino instead instructed Dragunov to look after her until the mission was over.

The three later rendezvous at the location of the Big Shiee, which they discover is being piloted by Allen O' Neil.

Another Story


Caroline sought out more materials after her prototype of the ShootingRay failed. She eventually came across Scotia Amundson and, believing her to be a new recruit because of her scarf, took Scotia on a tour of the base.


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