Carozzo "Iron Mask" Ronah is the leader of the Crossbone Vanguard and the primary antagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam F91. Despite being in service to his father-in-law, Carozzo is the true threat and the one responsible for Cosmo Babylonia's conquest. He was visually inspired by Darth Vader.


Iron Mask was originally Carozzo Ronah, a brilliant scientist and the father of Cecily Fairchild aka Berah Ronah. After his wife Nadia fled the Ronah family alongside his daughter Berah,. Carozzo underwent surgery to become an enhanced Cyber-Newtype, donning an irremovable Iron Mask and gaining superhuman abilities including the power to directly interface with machinery at the cost of his humanity.

Iron Mask led Crossbone Vanguard in their invasion of the Frontier colonies so his father-in-law Meitzer Ronah could use them to found his ideal nation of Cosmo Babylonia. Iron Mask's first target was Frontier IV, which fell in short time to the Crossbone Vanguard due to their superior combat capabilities.

Iron Mask later tried to use Bugs, devices designed to wipe out the inhabitants of colonies to wipe out the population of Frontier 1, as well as the Earth and Moon. After the Bugs were destroyed, Iron Mask entered the battlefield himself in his XMA-01 Rafflesia and fights Seabook in his F91 Gundam. While attempting to shoot the F91 Gundam, the Gundam's speed causes Iron Mask's mobile suit to blast itself several times instead, destroying it and killing Iron Mask.


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