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You know what separates the whiners from the winners? Results. And I get 'em.
~ Carpaccio

Carpaccio (jap.: カルパッチョ, Karupaccho) is the secondary antagonist of the Nintendo DS game Wario: Master of Disguise developed by Suzak, published by Nintendo and released in 2007.

He is the president of Sigil Securities and, like Wario and Count Cannoli, is on the hunt for the five Wishstone tablets. He later forms an alliance with Cannoli against Wario but calls the alliance later off after Cannoli being according to Carpaccio less than useful. In the very late game, he is revealed to be the descendant of a family line whose mission it is to prevent the release of the demon that is sealed away in the Wishstone by preventing the restoration of said stone.

In-game Description

A brilliant, pompous chemist, and the current president of Sigil Securities. He lives to find the Wishstone, but also enjoys fine suits from the best tailors in the land.
~ Carpaccio's enemy description
Carpaccio used the financial might of his company to develop a morphing technology that turned him into an enormous blue head. Neat, no?
~ Head Honcho Carpaccio’s enemy description.


The Guy in the Suit

In the third episode of the game, Wario and Goodstyle break into the Smithsnorian Museum to gather information about the four remaining Wishstone tablets after obtaining the first tablet on the S.S. Caviar in the second episode. During their break-in, Wario and Goodstyle find out about a "guy in a suit" from the sphinx working at the museum. According to the Sphinx, this "guy in a suit" is said to have carried a "bunch of boxes out of the museum". Due to this vague description, Wario mistakenly assumes that this mysterious man must be Count Cannoli. Regarding the whereabouts of this guy in the suit, the Sphinx tells the greedy thief and his wand that the mysterious man is on his way to "a cave hidden by a perpetual blizzard". Thanks to this new information, Wario and Goodstyle make their way to said cave and storm out of the museum.

After Wario's departure, a frustrated Cannoli enters the room of the Sphinx ranting about his fruitless research regarding the Wishstone tablets, revealing to the player that the "guy in the suit" was not Cannoli but an unknown third party, who turns out to be Carpaccio in the fourth episode, "A Third Thief Brings Grief!" and makes his first physical appearance in said episode.

First Encounter With Wario

Look, buddy! When you got a mind like a steel trap like mine… Plus the coldest heart in the biz… And fan-freakin'-tastic hair like this… Then maybe we’ll talk more. Until then, you're wastin' my time.
~ Carpaccio to Wario.

Wario encounters Carpaccio inside Sneezemore Cave.

Wario meets Carpaccio for the very first time inside Sneezmore Cave in episode 4. He is standing in front of four flamingo-like statues when Wario enters said room. During their first face to face encounter, Carpaccio mistakenly assumes that Count Cannoli would stand before him. Insulted by this mistake Wario immediately corrects him and states that he, Wario, is the Purple Wind and vastly superior to Cannoli, referring to the later as "small potatoes" while describing himself as "the biggest potato around". However, Carpaccio is far from impressed by the Purple Wind, and tells him he assumed that a professional was on his trail, casually insulting Wario. He then "apologizes" for the booby traps he set up in the museum and states that they were actually meant for Cannoli. Based on this statement, Wario concludes that the "guy in the suit" must have been Carpaccio and accuses the latter of stealing Wario of "his" loot while Carpaccio casually confirms the allegation. He then tells Wario, that business is waiting for him and proceeds to activate a locking mechanism to hide himself behind four doors leaving an angry Wario behind.

After solving the riddle of the four doors, Wario enters a room where he finally finds the second tablet of the Wishstone alongside Carpaccio surrounded by four Sir Lance-A-Lots (recurring enemies in the game). After a short exchange of words between Wario and Carpaccio, Goodstyle shows up and brings attention to the chunk of the Wishstone. Seeing the Wand Carpaccio comes to the conclusion that the man standing before him is in fact Count Cannoli and the Purple Wind routine was just a mere ruse, impressed by that Carpaccio then decides to reveal his full identity as the president of the global corporation Sigil Securities to Cannoli. Wario, however, is completely uninterested in this and cares only about the Wishstone tablet floating above Carpaccio’s head. Insulted by this disrespect targeted at Sigil Securities he decides to destroy Wario and Goodstyle. He transforms with his Sir Lance-A-Lot robots into Head Honcho Carpaccio and proceeds to suck up Wario into his stomach and the boss fight of this episode begins.

After his defeat, Carpaccio transforms back into his human form completely exhausted and admits that he underestimated the Purple Wind and decides to leave the Wishstone tablet to him. Before making his leave however, he promises Wario that he will "totally consume" him the next time.

Alliance with Count Cannoli

Near the end of the fifth episode in the Pharaoh’s pyramid, the player is presented with a demoralized Cannoli who has given up all hope of ever defeating Wario as well as reclaiming his wand Goodstyle. Before admitting complete defeat however, he suddenly hears an unidentified voice. They promise the previously devastated count to help him against Wario, but he must follow their instructions unconditionally. Cannoli agrees to the voice's offer and they both form an alliance. Cannoli’s new ally is later revealed to be none other than Carpaccio in episode 9.

Second Encounter with Wario

Carpaccio with Wario and Cannoli in his own lab.

Yes, I've studied my enemy for a while and know you much better now. I’ve watched your every move in the pyramid and then the ruins.
~ Carpaccio revealing that he had been spying on Wario.

Wario encounters Carpaccio for a second time in the latter's own laboratory. After revealing to Wario and Goodstyle, that he has formed an alliance with Cannoli, he admits that he has spied on Wario to find out the latter’s weaknesses and Carpaccio came to the conclusion, that Wario's biggest weakness is speed, so he challenges Wario to an obstacle course. Should Wario win the race, Carpaccio will give him his own wish stone fragment but should Wario lose, he must hand over his three Wishstone tablets to Carpaccio.

Should the player reach the finish line before Carpaccio the story continues normally, and the final episode of the main game will be unlocked. In case of losing the race however, a cutscene will play where the player is being told, that Carpaccio and Cannoli take all of Wario's Wishstone tablets away from him immediately followed by the Game Over screen afterwards and the player has to start the game from the last save point.

Final Battle

Y-you wanted to put the Wishstone back together for such a crass purpose? This is too risky… as I suspected!
~ Carpaccio after Wario revealing why he wants to rebuild the Wishstone.

After winning the race against Carpaccio and claiming the fourth tablet of the Wishstone, Wario gets excited about the fact that only one more piece is left and soon all the treasure of the world will be his. After hearing this Carpaccio says that putting the Wishstone back together for such a reason is too much of a risk and then teleports away leaving a confused Wario and Goodstyle behind along with Cannoli. The former Silpher Zephyr finally acknowledges Wario as the superior thief as well as Goodstyle's one and true master and thus decides to bury the hatchet between the two thieves.

After that, Cannoli tells Wario about the whereabouts of Carpaccio and the final Wishstone tablet, Wario's next destination are the Allergia Gardens. During his search in the gardens Wario encounters Carpaccio removing a crimson jewel from a turquoise door. Wario demands Carpaccio to hand over said jewel to him but Carpaccio refuses and warps away to hide the gem as it functions as a sort of key to open the turquoise door. Unfortunately for Carpaccio, Wario finds the crimson gem and opens the turquoise door and behind said door was the last Wishstone tablet the entire time. However, before Wario can claim it, Carpaccio enters the room trying to prevent Wario from getting it, but he is too late and the Wishstone tablets start to merge. After the Wishstone has been put back together Wario immediately wishes for all the treasure in the world but nothing is happening. After a short moment of silence, a huge eye appears on the Wishstone followed by a flashing light. After the flashing light goes away a blond-haired woman appears who turns out to be Tiaramisu, the mysterious lady who helped Wario during his adventures in episode 7 and episode 8 of the game.

Tiaramisu reveals to Wario that her actual name is Terrormisu, a demon who was sealed away in the Wishstone. A confused Wario demands answers to the whole situation unfolding in front of him and Carpaccio angrily tells Wario that he has been taken advantage of by Terrormisu, explaining to him that the Wishstone does not grant wishes at all but was a seal that entrapped Terrormisu away for ages. Suddenly he gets hit by lightning summoned by Terrormisu after he called her a "she-fiend" knocking him to the ground then strikes him almost immediately again with a second lighting strike. Carpaccio's lying on the ground begging her to stop. Terrormisu proceeds to explain to Wario that many greedy men before him have tried to collect the Wishstone tablets but every time someone tried to rebuild the Wishstone the Cannoli clan was getting in the way of the Wishstone's restoration and if it was not the Cannoli clan it was the Carpaccio family keeping the tablets from coming together, revealing that Cannoli and Carpaccio come from a family line whose mission it was to prevent the resurrection of Terrormisu. The demon naturally developed a grudge against the two families over the ages of imprisonment inside the stone but now that she is free, she can start devouring souls starting with Wario's and Carpaccio's but she gets interrupted by Cannoli who shows up to take care of Carpaccio and telling Wario to destroy the demon. Carpaccio gets then taken away by Cannoli to an unknown location.


Carpaccio appears in the third special episode which is unlocked with four other special episodes after defeating the final boss of the game.

Carpaccio tells Wario and Cannoli that he has placed three parts of his new inventions inside the Ancient Waterworks, an ancient ruin in the game, and tasks the two rivals to find the three parts and whoever finds the three parts first can keep the invention.


Carpaccio appears to care a lot about his looks as he is often seen stroking his own hair during cutscenes. He is also very arrogant, looking down and disrespecting those who he deems as inferior like Wario or Cannoli. He displays his disrespect by throwing sarcastic lines at his interlocutor like asking Wario if he had ever heard of a shower making fun of his poor hygiene or calling Count Cannoli as an ally less than useful. But he really does not approve of disrespect towards himself as illustrated in the fourth episode when Wario says openly to Carpaccio that he does not care about who he is or what kind of company he is running, Carpaccio's initial reaction is by trying to destroy Wario after disrespecting the president of Sigile Securites as well as his company.

That being said he is capable of admitting defeat and acknowledges when he underestimated his enemies such as Wario and tries not to repeat the same mistake. He also seems to be quite intelligent as illustrated by the fact that he managed to develop a technology that allows him to transform into Head Honch Carpaccio. Another display of his intellect is the fact that he does not rely on brute force to take down Wario but instead takes a more strategic approach by spying on Wario to figure out his weaknesses so Carpaccio can develop a plan to eliminate him without using brute force.


Car, as in "car" and I got a great one. Pac. As in "posh", which my mansion is. Cio, which rhymes with "BO", which is what you got. Seriously, take a shower!
~ Carpaccio telling Wario how to remember his name while bragging about his material wealth and insulting Wario's poor hygiene at the same time,
We're hard at work watching your back… That way it's easier to pick your pocket!
~ Carpaccio stating the slogan of Sigil Securities.
You'll see things MY way! I eat guys like you for breakfast.
~ Carpaccio before transforming into Head Honcho Carpaccio.
The alliance has nearly run its course. One of us... has been less than useful.
~ Carpaccio on his alliance with Cannoli.
Surrender? That word just ain't in my vocab, bud.
~ Carpaccio to Wario.
Farewell, Purple Wind. May you be forever lost in this garden!
~ Carpaccio to Wario.


  • His name "Carpaccio" is a reference to an Italian dish of thinly sliced meat or fish.
  • Head Honcho Carpaccio physically resembles two enemies encountered in the same game known as Snow Globe and Blow Globe. Just like Head Honcho Carpaccio they are both big blue globe-like monsters residing in Sneezemore Cave.
  • Carpaccio and Terrormisu appear to be wearing the same type of glasses.
  • The race against Carpaccio in episode 9 can be easily manipulated by turning into Arty Wario. Arty Wario can create three blocks in total in Carpaccio's way and prevent him from proceeding making the race a lot easier. Although the blocks disappear after a certain amount of time.


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