I told you earlier I have a destiny, a purpose. Satan reasons like man, but God thinks of eternity. Well, I prostrate myself before a world that's going to hell in a handbag, 'cause in all eternity, I am here and I will be remembered. That's destiny. A bomb has a destiny, a predetermined fate set by the hand of its creator, and anyone who tries to alter that destiny will be destroyed. Anyone who tries to stop it from happening will cause it to happen, and that's what you don't understand. We're not here to coexist. I'm here to win. So you'd better have some divine intervention, buddy. You're gonna need it.
~ Carroll Oerstadt

Carroll Oerstadt is the main antagonist of the 2006 thriller film Déjà Vu. He is a highly cunning and deluded terrorist who caused 543 people to lose their lives.

He was portrayed by Jim Caviezel.


An individual of pure evil, hatred and xenophobia, Carroll Oerstadt was a highly deranged, yet cunning and sociopathic terrorist. He is rather enigmatic as his goals are unclear. He can be sophisticated and polite at time but it is clear that he completely disregards anyone's life except his own. In addition, he took also a sadistic pleasure into torturing, mutilating and murdering an innocent Claire. Extremely intelligent, he successfully exploded a ship full of passengers in the first timeline.

He is extremely determined to destroy the ferry and all of its passengers, and will not give up whatever obstacles or enemies will cross his path, so he is willing to pick a fight against Doug even if he was dominated by the agent. This makes him the worst threat Agent Carlin encountered, and it will unfortunately cost his life.


Oerstadt was mentally ill, yet emitted man who believed that government failed him after being discharged for unfruitful behavior at psychological exams which lead him to become terrorist and targeting families of former comrades as well as immigrants for retaliation. Needing a vehicle to place a bomb on the ferry, he kidnapped Claire, tortured her and then killed Larry Minuti who tried to stop him.

Agent Doug Carlin who is Minuti's partner and best friend was called for investigation as family members waited for the news.

Seeing Claire's body badly bartered and tortured, Carlin vowed to find the predator with the help of agent Pryzwarra, head of the group called Snow White which used time travel to solve the cases but unknown to FBI. Oerstadt used Snow White to time travel to become a hero with the help of someone.

After Carrel was hospitalized for seizure jump few hours. Once came he sees Oerstadt dousing Claire with gasoline and Oerstadt gets distracted and flees but Carlin tried to diasarm the bomb. Oerstadt finds and holds Clarie as his hostage which culminates in a fight between two when Carlil discovered about Oerstadt's gun.


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