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I may not be able to stop that rabbit from eating carrots, but that won't stop me from making a carrot that eats rabbits!
~ Dr. Moron explaining to Gossamer on how he will create the Carrot Monster

The Carrot Monster is a minor antagonist of the 2002 Looney Tunes webtoon The Island of Dr. Moron. It is a living carrot created by Dr. Moron as an attempt to eat up Bugs Bunny.


The Carrot Monster was created after Gossamer failed to stop Bugs Bunny from eating Dr. Moron's carrots inside his laboratory.

Later, the Carrot Monster and Gossamer encountered Bugs Bunny at the lab door. The Carrot Monster stopped the two monsters and offered them a marriage. Dr. Moron nearly objected before it and Gossamer roared at him, finishing the marriage with them as "Monster" and "Beast" respectively.


The Carrot Monster is not a bright vegetable, but wanted to eat rabbits.


The Carrot Monster is a giant carrot with blue eyes and white teeth.


  • The Carrot Monster serves as a parody to Frankenstein's Monster, as justified by Dr. Moron yelling "It's alive" and how it was made through electricity, with little speech.
  • The Carrot Monster is seen to be part of the LGBT community alongside Gossamer.


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