Carrotia, also known as Carrotia the Rabbit, is one of the faithful servants of Wendy Witchcart, and she is the boss of MetalIsland Area in Tails' Skypatrol. She is a white-furred female anthropomorphic rabbit who wears a pink bow and blue eyeshadow.

She rides around in a flying Carrot and seems to be either flirtatious and/or self-obsessed. Her buck-tooth adds to the somewhat goofy "western-drawn" stereotype appearance of her and her fellow "lieutenants" Bearenger and Fockewulf. She along with her fellow comrades Fockewulf and Bearenger take part in Witchcart's raid against the random island by securing certain parts of the island.

Carrotia flies in a flying carrot-shaped vehicle and fights by firing small carrot-shaped homing missiles and throwing kisses.

After she was defeated by Tails, he drags Carrotia off screen.



  • Carrotia's name is a pun on the word "carrot", a vegetable commonly associated with rabbits that her flying vehicle is also based on.
  • It is unknown if she is a recolor of Cream the Rabbit or if they met each other, even though they are rabbits. She has a resemblance to her.


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