Carson Moss is the right hand man of terrorist leader Emile Dufraisne and acts as his main enforcer. Moss serves as one of the main antagonists of the video game Splinter Cell: Double Agent.


Moss was born in 1968, in Dothan Al, he eventually went on to be a star high school football player and was offered a scholarship to play at Auburn university before sustaining a grievous and career ending injury to his knee. He then took work as a low level thug and was connected to several brutal and racially motivated beatings but was never officially charged due to lack of evidence. He eventually met with the radical and extremist, Emile Dufraisne, who held strong contempt for the current American government and sought to change the course of American history. Moss became Dufraisne first follower and was fiercely loyal to him, to the point of being envious and suspicious of everyone that joined their cause and drew Emile's attention. Moss is also responsible for carrying out many of Emile's more sensitive tasks which includes weapons dealing and even murder.

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