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Carter is the right hand henchman of Ra's al Ghul while he was in Talia al Ghul's body and a villain in the cartoon show Batman Beyond.

At first he seemed more like a servant to him/her. However when Ra's wanted him to catch Terry and Bruce in their base he brings Bruce to Ra's and has his men through Terry in a lake however he escapes and dons his Batman suit. After learning this he sends groups of men out to look for them however Terry attacks him alone and easily defeats him. He then interrogates him about where Ra's is.


  • He is voiced by Mark Hammil who voiced Joker in the original Batman: The Animated Series.
  • He serves as the main henchman to Ra's and Talia in a way similar to Ubu.
  • He speaks with a heavy accent.
  • He only appeared in Batman Beyond in the episode "Out of the Past".

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