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Carter is the main antagonist of Hostel III. He is former Scott's best friend and a client of Elite Hunting.

He was portrayed by Kip Pardue.


In the film, Carter appears to be friends with Scott, Mike, and Justin. The four men end up going to a party inside of an abounded building, which is the location where the torturing of the film resides. Later on, Mike is not picking up his phone, and Carter, Justin, and Scott are curious where he is. They end up getting messaged by Mike supposedly, and they go to the location which Mike told them to go to meet in the hotel room.

Once the got there, Travis, kidnapped them all bringing them to the torture place. Carter reveals himself that he is apart of the Elite Hunting organization and they let him go. Justin, one of his friends then gets tortured and killed by the Masked Woman, while Carter watches his agony along with Flemming, the head leader in the building and Travis.

Once Justin got killed, the next victim was Scott, and the person to kill and torture Scott was Carter. Scott gets locked into the chair, and asks Carter why is this happening, and Carter explains that he wants Amy, Scott's girlfriend for himself. Scott goes onto speaking about a story about how he will take over Amy, and Flemming gets bored and lets Scott from the chair, and Scott gets into a fight with Carter, and Scott cuts Carter's tattoo off for him, and manages to escape by using his tattoo for the scanner.

As the movie goes on, Flemming tries to escape from the building and he made it into self-detonation, but fails since Carter ended up killing him for vengeance. Carter also took Flemmings's car and escaped.

At the end of the film, Carter is seen with Amy, getting close to kissing, but Scott appears and kills Carter.


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