Carter Verone

Carter Verone

Carter Verone is the main antagonist in Fast 2 Furious. He was portrayed by Cole Hauser.


Carter Verone needs drivers to deliver a package and subsequently has Fuentes employ Brian Earl Spilner (O'Conner) and Roman Pearce as the drivers; however, Fuentes and U.S Customs soon learn that Verone plans to have them killed after they deliver this package and consequently devise a plan to thwart him which includes disposing of his two bodyguards.

Verone discovers that Monica is an undercover agent and takes her onto his boat possibly with the intention of killing her. Following a chase which concludes with Brian crashing his car into Verone's boat to save Monica. Verone is arrested although Brian tells Roman that he will hunt them down when he is released from prison.


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Carter Verone

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