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Casandra, also known as Cassandra in the German translation, is the main antagonist and final boss of the 1999 Flash game Pico's School (and its remakes). She is a student responsible for a school shooting that resulted in the death of many children and a teacher, but was eventually defeated by Pico.


Pico's School

Little is known about Casandra's past, except that she was an alien from a unknown planet.

In the intro for Pico's School, Casandra comes with a gun, claims that the "American education system is bull%!$^" and opens fire, killing several students and a teacher. Pico then fights his way to Casandra.

Later, Casandra confronts Pico, kills two goths (who are assumingly her allies) and transforms. Pico then takes her out after a battle, resulting Casandra to die of blood loss.


Upon facing Casandra, she will throw barrels or fire a projectiles from her eyes which to prevent it is to shoot them.

Pico's School: Love Conquers All

In Pico's School: Love Conquers All, the game starts off as normal. Casandra would attempt to start the shooting, but Pico would reveal that he has the same interests to her (Punk Music). The two would go a walk and redeem the rest of the Goth Punks, showing their true selves. After redeeming the Goth Punks, Pico ask why she wanted to shoot up the school. She was afraid or angry with humans for them being homophobic, knowing that Penilians are naturally gay. Pico would explain why not all humans are anti-gay/homophobic, saying that some are actually gay and trying to deny it.

Within explaining that not all humans are anti-gay, Pico would introduce his boyfriend. They all agree to take her to a museum about culture, and Casandra would reveal that she is a furry that enjoys NSFW artwork, which leads Pico and his boyfriend to be shocked.


In her human form, she has short red hair with two points at the front (comparable to demon horns) and white eyes. She wears a red sweater, a grey jacket, and boots with red soles and yellow upside-down crosses. She also has short red nails, wears red lipstick on her bottom lip, and carries a gun in her right hand and a small dark gray book with a yellow pentagram on it in her left.

In her final form, she becomes a giant black alien with two large fangs, big yellow eyes, a grey collar, and her original clothing minus the yellow crosses. She also visibly sports a penis, which serves as her weak spot.



  • At the beginning of the game, Casandra shouts "enough of this crap!". This is a reference to Eric Harris, one of the Columbine school shooters, who posted lyrics of KMFDM's Stray Bullet on his personal website.
    • The band's political stance may have influenced Casandra, as themes of anti-fascism are present. Ironically, there's a lot more songs by them that are anti-war and anti-violence.
  • According to Cyclops, Casandra has a crush on Pico, which is why he isn't dead at the start of the game.
  • Despite being the main antagonist, Casandra has very little screen-time as she was only seen three times (first in the intro, then then in the beginning of the fight against Alucard, and finally at the end of the game).
    • She is one of the few Newgrounds' main antagonists to have little screen-time.
  • Casandra makes a cameo appearance in Newgrounds Rumble.
  • Cassandra is confirmed to appear in the popular 2021 Newgrounds flash game, Friday Night Funkin'. Her role in the story is currently unknown.
    • PhantomArcade, the main artist for said game, posted a sketch on Twitter of her and Nene kissing. Whether this means Cassandra and Nene are or were actually a couple in the FNF universe or if this is merely a joke has yet to be confirmed.
  • Although Casandra claims that her species are all the same sex and homosexual, this is only stated in Pico's School: Love Conquers All, which is set in an alternative universe. Whether the same thing goes for the mainline series is unknown.
    • Cyclops saying she has a crush on Pico further debunks this. However, it is possible that Cassandra is a rare case amongst her species and is bisexual.


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