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Oh, what, like charity? Seems to me this silly son of a bitch already forked over, big time.
~ Casey to Jesse.

Casey is the secondary antagonist of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. He was an employee at Kandy Welding Company and doing unlawful activities for the company's owner and colleague, Neil Kandy.

He was portrayed by Scott Shepherd.


Early Life

Most of Casey's background remains unknown, but at some point, he became an employee at Kandy Welding Co. and started to illegal activities for his colleague Neil Kandy, who held ties with Jack Welker and the white supremacist gang.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

After Jack and the white supremacist gang were killed and released to the public, Casey and Neil disguised themselves as police officers visiting Tood Alquist's apartment in order to find the drug money that was hidden by Todd. They find Jesse, who came for the same reason, deceived into giving himself up and take him as a hostage. Afterwards, Casey is forced to follow Todd's neighbor, Todd and believed he possessed evidence that could help the police.

In order to get more money, Jesse goes to Kandy Welding Co. and Casey finds out that the cash he found at Todd's apartment was the third of it. As Casey eyes his gun, Neil suggests that they do a Wild-West-style duel to determine who will get the money. As Neil draws his gun, Jesse shoots him several times and kills company owner. Jesse then uses Neil's gun to kill Casey, sending him headfirst through the glass of the vending machine. After Jesse scares off Neil and Casey's friends, Jesse blows up the building in order to cover up his tracks.


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