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Hey Pinciotti... (kiss) Love you... See Forman, it’s just words, you don’t have to mean it.
~ Casey lying about actually having feelings for Donna.

Casey Kelso is the older brother of Michael Kelso, Donna Pinciotti’s ex-boyfriend, and the main antagonist of the fourth season of the Fox hit television network That 70s’ Show. After Donna and Eric Forman broke up, she began dating Casey at the instigation of her friend Jackie. Eric became jealous and tried everything to show Donna that Casey was not right for her, hoping she would take him back until h realized that she is happy with Casey and has moved on from Eric, a decision that Eric was forced to accept, desspite still loving Donna. It wasn’t until Casey revealed to Eric that he doesn’t care for Donna at all and is only using her for his own amusement that Eric set out to prove Casey was a fraud. While initially a charming and caring individual, this was mearly a facade to hide his true colors. Casey is a selfish, egotistical, irresponsible manipulative, ruthless, womanizer who only cares about his car and himself.

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