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Casey Krinsky always had a huge obsession with Firestorm. She called it a crush: he was her soul mate. When Jason starts appearing in Detroit; her hometown, she starts following him and trying to get into contact with him so they can finally be together. She murders anyone unfortunate enough to walk into her path as she tries to get a hold of Firestorm, including her roommate and pedestrians. After spotting an accident in a suburban area, Firestorm drops in to investigate, as Casey makes her presence known to the nuclear man a driver who is apart of his fused matrix knows there is something wrong with her. Warning Mr. Rusch to be wary of the deeply disturbed citizen. After inquiring as to what caused the accident she just so happened to be close by too, such questioning ends in a confrontation between Casey and her sweetheart. The former resorting to use her powers to form into sharp crystals from her jewelry and pieces of glass, even going so far as to absorb Firestorm's own density changing powers and becomes immovable. He tries to end the battle by removing her harmful properties and changing her into a rock. This does stop her in her tracks, but ultimately Firestorm cannot change her back nor can she move herself. Frozen in her statue state, Firestorm takes her to S.T.A.R. Labs where they attempt to revert her to normal. She remains there to this day as both an astounding and sad case of Firestorm's first super villain.

Powers and Abilities


  • Power Absorption: Casey can steal powers from other metahumans by reaching out and forcing their energies into herself. She can then use these powers to her will. Casey doesn't gain the exact knowledge of how to use the power, but when she absorbs a power her victim loses it.
  • Matter Absorption: Casey can also use her power absorption absorb the properties of inanimate objects. Through this means, she can assume a tough crystalline form or make her skin razor sharp by mimicking the properties of glass.
    Superhuman Durability: When she absorbs an object's properties, her resistance to physical damage is greatly increased. She can withstand even the intense temperatures of Firestorm's energy blasts while in a crystal/glass form while ordinary glass would melt.


  • Adaptability::Although still young, Casey has shown the ability to understand powers she steals and how to use them. She's not as effectively as if she had experience, but still to a level which she can grasp how to turn the power on and off. Casey can absorb and project hits at the same rate of which they are fired.


  • Lack of Experience: This may be just due to her inability to use her powers effectively or that Casey cannot control the powers she absorbs immediately. Such was the case when Casey absorbed Firestorm's density changing powers and could not reduce her density to a level at which she could move. She only copied as much power as Firestorm had at the time which was still too much for her.
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