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Casluchim is a minor antagonist in Chris Heimerdinger's novel Tower of Thunder, the ninth book in the Tennis Shoes Adventure Series. He is an assassin for King Nimrod and the former master of Rafa.


Casluchim first appears near the beginning of the book. After the warriors of Shinar win a battle with the Sons of Japheth, Casluchim sends his trained falcon, Rafa, out to track down any stragglers for the warriors of Shinar to snuff out. Rafa ends up finding Harry and Steffanie Hawkins, signaling to Casluchim that he has found them. Harry and Steffanie are captured and taken to Prince Mardon.

Later, when Harry escapes, Casluchim is one of the assassins who is sent out to track Harry. Casluchim sends Rafa out to find Harry, only for Harry to knock Rafa out of the sky with a stone and then take Rafa with him. Furious, Casluchim continues his pursuit of Harry, though Harry is able to escape.

Towards the end, Casluchim is present for the battle at the Tower of Babel. On seeing that Rafa is now travelling with Harry Hawkins, he commands Rafa to attack Harry's face. Rafa, now loyal to Harry, attacks Casluchim instead. Casluchim, startled by Rafa's sudden turn in behavior, loses his balance and falls off the edge of the tower.

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