Cassandra Keegan

Cassandra Keegan (aka The Grand Witch) was the main villainess in Hansel and Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft. She is an evil and very powerful witch posing as a professor at a high-level boarding school, and was responsible for the deaths of the birth parents of the protagonists, Jonah and Ella. Ms. Keegan successfully manages to enlist her band of students to convince Jonah to join them, but Ella learns about Keegan's true identity and her real motive; to sacrifice young students and feed their souls to her. Ms. Keegan sends Megan, one of her students, to kill Ella, but Ella ends up killing Megan. She later takes Ella and forces Jonah to kill her, only to have Ella free Jonah from Keegan's stranglehold. After the twins finish off the rest of the coven, they kill the Grand Witch after a final confrontation.

Ms. Keegan was played by British actress Vanessa Angel, who also appeared as the evil Susan Hastings in SyFy's original film, Vampires: Out For Blood.

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