Castiel is a minor antagonist appearing in season 13 of the TV show Supernatural. He was the Apocalypse World counterpart of Castiel.

He was portrayed by Misha Collins.


Castiel works at forcefully extracting information from his victims. After Castiel is called to the location of the resistance headquarters and the number of resistance fighters, Castiel begins inducing great mental pain in Charlie when the power suddenly goes out, interrupting the interrogation.

Castiel tries to escape but is stopped by his counterpart. He is amazed that there's another version of him but shocked that his counterpart would align himself with the humans. Though the other Castiel tells him that he much prefers humans to angels, Castiel states that his counterpart is no different than him despite his loyalties. The Main Universe Castiel agrees then stabs the Apocalypse World Castiel in the abdomen with his angel blade, killing him.


  • This Castiel is the only alternate reality counterpart character killed by their counterpart from another world.
  • For whatever reason, this version of Castiel speaks with a German accent, and has a Hitler-like haircut.
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