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The Cat Burglar is a one-time villain from the Cartoon Network comic book series for The Powerpuff Girls, only appearing in the issue "Jelly Jam".


In "Jelly Jam", the cat burglar broke into The Utonium House to steal some Chemical X so that she could steal it and sell it for millions of dollars. She snuck into the lab while Professor Utonium was sleeping and cracked open the safe to steal a vile of Chemical X but the Chemical X was stuck to the safe and couldn't be removed so she looked for a beaker to scoop it up with. She saw a beaker in the lab but Professor Utonium absentmindedly blocked one of the beakers, while sleeping, so she instead went to the kitchen and stole a jar of jelly. She filled the jar with water and dumped all the jelly out but there was still a tiny glob of jelly left behind. The cat burglar scooped some Chemical X with the jar, which tricked the alarm, awakening The Professor and The Powerpuff Girls. The cat burglar hid around the house, while the girls looked for her. However, the jar filled with Chemical X started to mutate the little glob of jelly into a giant Jelly Monster that started destroying everything, which of course, blew her cover. The girls caught the cat burglar and the professor scolded her for using a substance as dangerous as Chemical X with such abandon. The Powerpuff Girls tied the cat burglar up and The Professor kept her in his lab, while he invented a machine that would destroy the Jelly Monster. The cat burglar observed The Professor's inventing skills and fell in love with him for his charm and his wit. After defeating the Jelly Monster, The Professor reminded The Powerpuff Girls to have the cat burglar thrown in jail. Now that she was arrested by the man she loved, the cat burglar spent her time in solitude, feeling ashamed of herself for her evil ways.


She is likely based off of Catwoman from Batman cause they share similarities with each other.