We're marching off to fight
to catch that mouse and do what's right.
We're marching off to fight to go and
get that mouse.
Hey ho, they way we go. 1, 2, 3, in a row.
We're marching off the ground to go and
crush that mouse.
~ The marching song of the Cat Guards.

The Cat Guards are the supporting antagonists of the 2007 direct-to-DVD film Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker's Tale. They are a group of cats transformed into soldiers by the magic that brought the toys to life who serve the King of the Cats.

They were all voiced by Michael Donovan.

Notable Members

Cat Guard Captain Tom


Main article: Tom the Cat

Tom is the captain of the Cat Guards and the central antagonist of the movie. He was sent out by the King of the Cats to lead the Cat Guards in pursuing Jerry and his friends. Unlike the other guards, Tom wears black likely to designate his status as their captain.

Black-haired Cat Guard


Main article: Butch (Tom and Jerry)

Butch served as Tom's apparent second-in-command among the Cat Guards and led them whenever Tom wasn't around. He often got on Tom's bad side, and as a result was beaten by Tom.

Big Brown-haired Cat Guard

Big Brown-haired Cat Guard

The largest of the Cat Guards, he was tasked with bringing the cannon during the guards' mission to defeat Jerry and appeared to enjoy eating the most out of the cats.

He was the third most prominent Cat Guard, after Tom and the Black-haired Cat.

Red-nosed Cat Guard

Red-nosed Cat Guard

One of the cats Tom took with him to go after Jerry, he is distinguished from the other cats by his bright red nose.

He was mistakenly tied up by the other guards when they tried to capture Jerry and left behind after the guards realized their mistake and ran to pursue Jerry and his friends. He later reappeared during Jerry's attack to reclaim the kingdom with an army of toy soldiers and was chased out along with his fellow cats.

Grey-haired Cat Guard

Grey-haired Cat Guard

A grey-haired who spoke with a British accent and wore a bowler hat before being transformed into a Cat Guard. He was one of the guards who was brought along by Tom to go after Jerry.

He disappears from the group once Jerry and his friends make it to the Toy Maker, but later reappears during Jerry's attack to reclaim the kingdom from the King of the Cats. He can be seen being chased out by the guards.

Kid Cat Guards

Fluff, Muff and Puff

A trio of young cats who accompanied Tom on his mission to go after Jerry. Unlike the other cats, they wore light-blue uniforms and peaked caps. Fluff is brown, Muff is black and Puff is orange.



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