The Cat Painting is a mysterious antagonist in the YouTube series, Politicats. It is a painting of a humanoid cat that appears to possess supernatural abilities.


The painting at some point gained control of Mittens 2.0 and had the robot start replicating itself.

The painting later appeared to the Fancy Feast Council. When the Grey Cat asked what it was, the Scientist Cat informed him that the painting claimed to be controlling Mittens 2.0. The Cat Painting informed them of another planet they could go to. While initially hesitant to follow the painting, the council agreed when the Martian Armada attacked Earth.

As the council set off for the other planet, the painting sent the Mittens 2.0 robots to go cause chaos and summoned Catthulu to wreak havoc.

Later, the painting arrived on the planet with Grey Cat, the sole remaining member of the Fancy Feast council. Grey Cat became angry at the painting, believing it to not be what they talked about. In response, the painting directed Grey Cat to the turtle cats populating the planet, stating they were his servants. The painting then stated that the "book" had told "You must construct additional pylons", before fading away.

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