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The Cat Thief is a male character appearing in the Milly Molly episode of the same name.

Role in Episode

The Cat Thief, as his informal name suggests, is a burglar of cats, the intention is unknown. He almost succeeded in stealing Marmalade and Tom Cat, but tripped over dogs Barker and Bouncer. Whilst the cats got away, so did he, successfully stealing Ferryman's Cat.

After dogs Barker and Bouncer are punished by the policeman, they notify Milly and Molly, baking dogshaped biscuits, something is wrong. They take the girls to the tree in the park, where the Cat Thief once again is attempting to steal the girls' cats. This doesn't go unnoticed by people, especially the police. The Cat Thief is then put into custody and the cats are returned to their rightful owners.

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