Catalina Canetti is an antagonist in Cyborg 009: Call of Justice. She is a lieutenant in the UN Guardians and a secret member of the Blessed.


Catalina went with her superior, Captain Takeru Igarashi, to arrest the 00 Cyborgs after they killed Arnold Knox and Edward Higgins. The 00 Cyborgs attempted to explain the truth about the Blessed to them, but they were framed for attacking the Guardians and forced to flee.

Catalina later led a team of Guardians to capture Cyborgs 003, 005 and 009 when they went to visit Rajiv Shyamalam. She witnessed 009 use his Acceleration Mode to turn back time and save 003 from being shot. Her forces failed to capture the 00 Cyborgs and stop them from escaping.

Takeru eventually realized the Blessed were a real threat after they took control of one of his Savior Tanks and used it to kidnap Ivan. Thus, Takeru and Catalina teamed up with 00 Cyborgs to stop them. Catalina, 006, 007 and 009 went to investigate Dynamic Ultra, a company run by Blessed member Steven Archimedes.

While they were searching the DU building, Catalina talked with Archimedes via his Terminal robot. Catalina expressed doubt about the ability for humans to evolve, but the Professor assured her that someone she knew had already been enhanced.

Catalina and 009 eventually came face-to-face with Emperor and Pyotr, with Catalina revealing to 009 that she was a member of the Blessed. Emperor then stated to Catalina that she had served her use before teleporting off with 001 and Pyotr.

Catalina then defected over to the side of the 00 Cyborgs, citing an "unforseen factor" as her reason for turning. She explained to the 00 Cyborgs what her powers were and what the Blessed planned to do. She also later revealed to 009 that the "unforseen factor" that caused her to defect was him and his odd time manipulation ability before leaving the Dolphin III.

Catalina later went to assist 001 and 009 in the final battle against the Emperor. Emperor sensed Catalina's presence and wiped her memories of her bond with 009 to make her loyal to his cause once again. When Catalina still proved unable to kill 009, Emperor wiped her entire mind, reducing her down to her basic instincts. Even so, Catalina managed to hold onto her memories through sheer willpower and linked Emperor's mind to 009's, causing him to see the void 009 experienced whenever he accelerated. Emperor soon discovered what Catalina had done and angrily picks her up with his powers before shocking her with a lightning strike and dropping her. She gets caught by 009, and tells him that she'll never forget him before dying.

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