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Catbert is the main antagonist of the Dilbert franchise. He is well-known for being the infamous evil director of human resources.

He was voiced by Jason Alexander in the TV series, who also played George Costanza in Seinfeld, Abis Mal in the Aladdin franchise, Eric Tiberius Duckman in Duckman, Lil' Lightning in 101 Dalmatians: Patch's London Adventure, and Philip Stuckey in Pretty Woman.



Catbert, first appeared in a series of comic strips fin September 1994, when he attacked and rebooted Dilbert's computer before Dogbert kicked him out of the house. Reader response asked for more Catbert, and Adams decided to bring him back as the "evil director" of human resources. Catbert appeared again on March 20, 1995, when Dogbert hired Catbert to handle the new program known as downsizing.

TV series[]

Catbert has a similar role in the TV series apart from the fact that he was shown as the director of human resources from his very first appearance. He appeared in a total of 9 episodes in the show appearing as a very prominent and popular villain just like in the comics.


Catbert is a sociopathic, sadistic, logical yet somewhat traditionally wicked character since despite coming up with imaginative and ingenious schemes, they have been shown to backfire towards him on occasions. He also has a few quirks involving more of his cat-like traits including purring, or sleeping on anything that is warm.


  • Before his first official appearance, an unnamed cat with an unconfirmed gender who greatly resembled him was seen in a few strips. However, it's unclear if this is actually Catbert or a different character.