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If you knew my father, you would understand. I wasn't the first one he made. I was only the first one he kept. I was brought up with no friends, pushed to meet impossible demands. I wasn't a daughter to him. I was... I don't know what I was. Oriana has had a normal life. I made the right decision.
~ Miranda Lawson explaining her father's relentless abuse of her and why she doesn't regret "rescuing" her sister from him.
Got to give you a whuppin. Sorry about that, babe.
~ Tom Rogan

This category is restricted to characters who have a history of abusing others, especially relatives or close loved ones, such as spouses/partners, their own children or even henchmen, etc. This category usually involves direct physical abuse, such as beating the victim or otherwise giving them physical pain over time, though it can also involve more indirect means of abuse such as using coercion to force a subordinate into dangerous situations that will undoubtedly subject them to physical harm, acts which go in line with abuse of power. Due to the way physical abuse applies pain to the victim(s) over a period of time, it is easy for abuse to also qualify as torture, and the trauma that abuse does to its victim(s) has a tendency to destroy their innocence.

Domestic and child abuse are widely seen as one of the more heinous crimes, alongside things such as rape and murder, so characters in this category are often hard to redeem; even sadomasochists (villains that hurt themselves) or those who bully another can qualify in this category.

Not to be confused with Psychological Abusers. The Abusers category only applies if the abuse is physical, although they can and often both apply (e.g. Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear).

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