Villains who are either not evil in their original source material or are more vile than what they were in their original versions. They are the opposite of Adaptational Heroism.

Sometimes, they do not redeem themselves in the adaptation, with Kurse, Sentinel Prime, King Stefan and Bolivar Trask being examples; while sometimes they may redeem themselves to get close to what they are in the source material, RodanDarkrai and Hades being good examples.

However, some of them can be adapted as Pure Evil if they are devoid of any good qualities from their original source materials/original versions (e.g. Slender ManDoctor Doom, Ronan the Accuser, Ego, Jafarthe RakeDestro and Judge Claude Frollo).

Also note that not only does this apply to fiction; it can also apply to myths and legends like most versions of Hades who have been depicted as more evil than his original version. They might also lack the freudian excuse they had in another version.


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