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"Dear William Shakespeare. Thank you very much for this wonderful script. It's a lifelong treasure for me. I think I want to take it with me to my grave." Could you send this letter to that s****y bastard? ...Ah, be careful, there's a lot of poison mixed with the seal's wax. Don't touch it, okay?
~ The Vile King (in his Oberon persona) talking to Ritsuka Fujimaru, after the former finished writing letter of fake appreciation to William Shakespeare, only in order to spite Shakespeare about the playwright's portrayal of Oberon in A Midsummer Night's Dream, to which the Vile King's persona was based on.

Villains who are either not evil in their original source material or are more vile than what they were in their original versions.

Sometimes, they do not redeem themselves in the adaptation, with Kurse, Sentinel Prime and King Stefan being examples; while sometimes they may redeem themselves to get close to what they are in the source material, RodanDarkrai and Hades being good examples.

Note that not only does this apply to fiction; it can also apply to myths and legends like most versions of Hades who have been depicted as more evil than his original version. They might also lack the freudian excuse they had in another version.


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