I was driven by controlled me, not the other way around. I meant to break you. I meant to rule your city. But the Venom weakened my judgement and I lost everything. Now I know that you were never my enemy. My enemies were lined against me before I was born.
~ Bane telling Batman how his Venom addiction affected him.
Some Villains are addicted to drugs, alcohol, any other substance or even a certain activity and also their own behavior. Thus, these Addicts can be considered a variation of Tragic Villains due to the fact that addictions may fuel their crimes and most can sympathize with them.

Mental illnesses are often worsened by such abuse which is one of the main reasons for violent psychoses, especially if coupled with dissociation or schizophrenia. Likewise, prolonged use can cause mental illnesses to manifest as well as the more obvious dangers of chemical addictions (which in the case of alcohol is known as alcoholism).

Despite the fact that addiction is classed as an illness, it is stigmatized in society, especially alcoholism with people seeing Addicts as Drunkards or Lowlives (the latter sometimes spelled Low-Lives or Low-lives) who have brought misery upon themselves; some even use this as justifications to abuse and/or kill such individuals as part of some twisted Social Darwinist or Harbinger for Rebirth ideals, some Serial Killers also specifically targeting such people in order to "purify" the world they live in; this makes Addicts one of many complicated matters for Heroes and society as a whole with varying degrees of sympathy being put forth depending on certain factors.

However, some Addicted Villains otherwise go so far they lose any redeeming features and in the worst-case scenario become Outright Villains or Pure Evil such as Norman Stansfield.

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