Do you really think you're unique? My world had a Miles Morales too. And your life will end as his did: In pain... and misery... by my hand!
~ Wolf Spider.
Villains from or living in alternate realities, timestreams, dimensions, universes and/or multiverses or doing so after the environment or space-time continuum was altered by disasters that forced them to leave their points of origin. They could also have come from different realities but now choose to reside in others (e.g. Sunset Shimmer, Rick Sanchez). This also applies if they created new realities which they interacted with on a certain basis (e.g. Nobuyuki Sugou).

This can also be applied to Time-Travelers and Reality-Warpers since by altering timelines they end up producing new spaces in the fabric of time; due to the complex natures of time and dimension-travel interactions between them and individuals from current times and/or dimensions cause paradoxes that can make points in the space-time continuum fracture or splinter off from the original linear development into their own places altogether.

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