Let me learn you something big. It's all a machine, partner. Live free, don't join.
~ DJ to Finn.
I can do no wrong, for I do not know what it is.
~ Satan in The Adventures of Mark Twain.

Characters who are amoral are unable to be truly judged by our concepts of right and wrong, or happen to lack a moral sense, thereby being unconcerned with notions of right and wrong. Some of these villains are known to have Moral Agency issues, but all villains with Moral Agency issues belong in this category.

Almost all abstract and god-like entities fall under this category. On a terrestrial scale, however, an example of an amoral villain would either be:

  • Predatory and carnivorous animals with no human features (which is guided by instinct), unlike those who find joy in torturing their prey before killing and eating them such as The Beldam or Pennywise.
  • DemonsDark Forms and other forces of evil who only know how to be evil, and does not understand good and bad - unless the story makes it clear that they have a Moral Agency;
  • Children who are unaware of their actions either due to how old they are, or who/what they are hurting. (Such as Sid Phillips who at first was unaware that his toys were alive while torturing them)
  • An individual who does not conform to the traditional archetypes of good or bad (such as Deadpool, who does not care what side he is on), and does not wish to be evil. Characters like those often fall under Chaotic Neutral.

Pure Evil villains can NEVER qualify. While they are unconcerned with what is right and wrong, they are aware of what is right and wrong but always chooses to do what is wrong. Pure Evils always understands morality as part of their moral agency, and usually take pleasure in their actions. If they don't believe in good and evil, they should go under the Delusional or Nihilist category instead.

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